We founded My Programmers as a way of providing quality web solutions to small scale enterprises on a budget that doesn't burn a hole in their pockets. We believe that in our current technological ecosystem, web services should be accessible to all business owners, regardless of their size. Our small company which started with this aim has grown considerably with the help of a fantastic team of expert designers and software. We now have the capability to provide services to all enterprises, big or small, within their desired price point.

Our current team consists of more than 200 certified developers, designers, and programmers that coordinate across their individual departments to deliver the product of your dreams. Gone are the days where you had to wait long hours for feedback, our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries instantly. As a company, we have handled clients across the globe, focusing majorly on various regions in Australia. A few of your strong points as a company are-

Experienced and coordinated team of developers- We only offer you the service of the best programmers with unmatched skills. Our meticulous hiring process screens applicants based on not only their experience but also based on their past clients and their reviews. Furthermore, we assign developers based on your project requirements, making it easier for you to get your website or web app delivered at a super-fast pace.

Transparency - Having been part of the software and web development industry for a long time, we know how vital work transparency is for our clients. We have a designated technical lead to provide you with daily status reports, written records of weekly meetings as well as regular progress timeline. You can contact us to enquire about your project at any stage of the developmental process, and our technical lead will provide you with a thorough summary.

Business-centric product development - Our developers are trained in creating a business-centric product that puts customer satisfaction at the frontline. Our first step for any product development is to note and research the industry vertical we would be working on. Features, including SEO optimization, as well as digital marketing strategies, are generated from the very start of the developmental process.

Support and maintenance- We believe in the philosophy of customers first, as thus, maintaining client relationships is an integral part of our company policy. Our relation with you does not stop at the delivery of your product. We provide a year warranty for all our services along with specific upgrades. You can also acquire our full support packages for in-house products as well as for products developed from any other source.

Budget-friendly - As per our founding principle, we believe in accessible web services for businesses of all categories. We offer flexible payment options, including bulk payment or in various installments. You no longer have to worry about emptying a bank account on a single web product. We custom develop a product that not only helps you break even but also lets you increase your ROI in just a few months.

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