OpenCart Development Company in Australia

OpenCart is an open-sourced eCommerce management system that is globally the third most used platform for creating online shops. With its customizable and simplistic interface, it is ideal both for small businesses and large enterprises. At My Programmers, we develop your very own customized OpenCart website and web app for you. Our motto is to design a website that enhances both functionalities as well as the visibility of your website. Navigate this page to learn further about how we can serve you and your business.

Our OpenCart Services

Ecommerce Store Development

We use OpenCart to provide solutions to your e-commerce needs. Our website is designed to attract users through its intuitive and user-friendly interface.  The main focus of our development team is to develop a reliable and attractive shopping cart website.  My Programmer is known for its business-centric products, and thus your site will come fully installed with all necessary customer-oriented features.

OpenCart Theme and Design Development

We realize the effect an attractive and engaging website design can have on customer retention.  Our developers excel at making your OpenCart website intuitive as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our designed theme is based on carefully curated data on customer interests and demands. The feature-rich eCommerce solution is geared towards increasing your customer base and brand appeal.

OpenCart Module Development

If having a basic website is not enough for your business needs, My Programmers offer a vast range of modules and extensions for the site. These modules can drastically boost the performance of your e-commerce website. To enhance your consumer satisfaction, we can add any of your required functionality as a module to your OpenCart package.

OpenCart Migration

Our OpenCart migration facility allows you to shift your entire store from any platform to OpenCart. This includes transferring the whole list of categories and subcategories, content, product catalogs as well as dashboard and navigation settings to your new OpenCart platform. We make sure the transfer is secure and cost-effective.

Payment Gateway Integration

We present a secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers. You no longer have to worry about a data privacy breach or external hacker threat when it comes to payment gateways.  The payment options can be set to net banking, debit card, credit card, or all of these. The website also comes with multi-currency payment choices.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team facilitates the high rank of your OpenCart website in search engine rankings.  The keywords are researched based on your product and customer base and applied meticulously in the content management system. This not only ensures that your website gets a continuous flow of customers but also makes your brand appear trustworthy and reliable.

OpenCart Mobile App Development

Often having just, a website is not enough to establish your brand. Customers are increasingly shifting towards web applications for their online purchases.  Our mobile app developers, in conjunction with the OpenCart team, ensure that you do not fall back in this trend. We convert your OpenCart store into a mobile application that your customers can easily access. The mobile version is specifically designed to integrate all functions of your OpenCart web store.

Maintenance and Support

Our support team is available to contact 24/7 for any arising glitch or malware issues. You can seek help through various internal and external communication channels if the need arises. Our team of developers also excels in regular Maintenance checks for a smooth user experience. Our engineer upgrades your OpenCart system whenever it is required.

Key Strengths

  • Certified team of developers with experience in the e-commerce sector.
  • Regular updates on the design and development through skype and email.
  • Timely completion and delivery of your websites.
  • SEO facilities according to your consumer category.

Technical skills

  • Programming language: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML
  • Database technology: PostgreSQL, MySQL 5.x, MySQL 4.x
  • Design Skills: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
  • Additional proficiency: Bootstrap, MVC architecture, XML, SaSS, Stylus

Experience and Education

  • Bachelor's or Masters in Computer Application, Computer Science, or any other IT related fields.
  • Experience of a minimum of 3-8 years in OpenCart Development.
  • Strong portfolio with hands-on development of at least 2 OpenCart systems.
  • Positive client reviews and recommendations.

Client Testimonials

Why You Should Work With Us

Business - Centric Development:

Our developers are trained to offer you comprehensive business-centric products. We keep in mind both the functional as well as the monetization aspect of the product. From the logical backend provisions to the smooth and user-friendly UI, the apps are conceived, keeping in mind the utmost functionality.

Quality Assurance:

Our engineers go through multiple rounds of testing to detect and fix any software flaws or bugs before final delivery. These quality tests are done both manually and through automated technology. Our checks make sure there are no issues in the security and performance of your software.

Timely service:

Delivering a product within the due date is one of our foremost priorities. Our technical team provides you with a rough timeline as well as daily updates to prevent delays in the developmental process. We further provide weekly updates regarding the stages of development that have been completed.

Assured ROI:

Our process management gives you predictable information regarding the ROI so you can plan the successful launch of the product in the play stores. We also offer strategic consultations and recommendations for each and every product developed by us.

Low attribution rate:

Our employees have the reputation of completing years of tenure, thus reducing the chance of a critical developer leaving during the ongoing project. We guarantee the seamless development of your project by keeping the same software architects throughout your project development.


Our dedicated engineers work to build even the littlest aspect of your products according to your stated requirements. We pride ourselves in constructing websites and web apps that function as close to the original description offered by our client. From the features to the design, we value your input at every stage of development.

After-Sales Service:

We do not believe in concluding our relation with our customers the moment the product is delivered. We offer continual support through our support team to fix and maintain your product. Furthermore, we provide constant updates to ensure the consistent improvement of the websites and web applications.

Certified Developers:

Our team of developers has years of experience in developing websites and web applications. As one of the preeminent web development companies In Australia, our engineers are familiar with the guidelines and limitations of the majority of Operating systems.  We assign our engineers keeping in mind the exact requirement of your project, giving you the full authority over the work activities. 

Transparent Communication:

We pride ourselves in thorough transparency to our client from the very first step of development. Our technical team will update you throughout all the developmental processes, including the designing, coding, and integration of the latest technologies, to make sure you are never out of the loop. We can be reached various channels of external and internal communications for updates regarding design, codes, and meetings.