Why should an event management firm invest in a wedding planning app?

Published 1 year ago
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Using a wedding planning app, a business can promote a range of services, pricing structure, etc., among its customers. Do you want an app for your business? Ask experts about it.

Weddings are an important event in anyone's life, and wedding planners are well aware of it. They know how important it is to plan this day perfectly without any hiccups. If you are running a wedding planning business, you can invest in a mobile app. Now, you may question, why would any business require an app?

This app can help a business communicate with prospective clients and sell its services. It can help business owners provide information about the company, range of services offered, venues and destinations covered, location, pricing structure, etc. Customers can make an appropriate choice after viewing the images and videos provided within the app.

If they are pleased with everything, they will book a service from the company, otherwise, move on to the next one. A business can run an eCommerce store, and run its operations via the app. The app can help a business provide its services across various locations, thus bringing in more customers, revenues and profits. In some cases, a wedding planner may want people to visit the physical office.

What to do in this situation? The app developers in Australia can add a map on the app’s interface, along with driving directions. It will do the trick, and more people will be encouraged to check out the physical setup.


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Needless to say, that a mobile app can help customers in several ways. First, an app can help people with the entire planning of their wedding. It would include the selection of a venue, deciding on the entire decor, vendors, card designs, menus, etc. Using this app, people can get help from experts in just a few clicks. This would save a lot of time and money in the process.

If people run into some problems, they can contact the experts through this app. In other words, the business will be available 24/7 and will be ready to help people out. If a business decides to make an app that can work in offline situations, it will provide another edge. This feature can help people form a suitable relationship with the business.

A positive encounter with the business will prompt people to promote it via word-of-mouth and other formats. They will recommend this app or business to others, thus helping the business get more customers. Aside from that, this would improve the visibility of a particular business.

What features should be included in a wedding planning app? Broadly, there will be three sections, user, and vendor. Let’s discuss the features of each of these sections in detail.

1. User Panel

  • Signup and log in (Social login)

In this section, users can create new accounts and log in whenever they want. The account can be created using the contact information and other information related to social media platforms.

  • Checking organizers and vendors     

People can check which vendors or event organizers are residing in nearby areas. In this section, people can also check and compare prices of different organizers and vendors. These can be filtered according to categories and other options.

  • See Portfolios

People can see the portfolios of these vendors or event planners, and check how many reviews and ratings they have got. After seeing these details, they can make the right decision and choose the right one.   

  • Chat

This option would enable people to chat or call event organizers and vendors and discuss the matters. So, the level of communication will be improved via this app. People can make inquiries about the service using this app.

  • Sharing of vendor profile

People can share the profile among their friends and families, thus boosting the brand’s awareness.

  • Filtering through wedding styles

This option allows people to view different wedding designs, and filter through them according to their choice.

  • Search option 

People can search for an appropriate location for their wedding, and see if they are available or not.

  • Wedding list

 People can create a personalized list for their wedding events.

  • Wedding budget calculation

Here, people can calculate the cost of their wedding by inputting all the necessary details.

  • Guestlist and sending invites

Customers can manage the number of guests who will attend the event and send personalized invites to them.

  • Albums

All the memories of the event will be stored here. The client can customize it, according to their wishes.

  • Payment

Here, a client can choose the appropriate payment option and pay for the proceedings.

  • Reviews and ratings

People can post reviews and ratings and describe their overall experience.

Now, let’s move on to the vendor or the admin section.

2. Admin panel

  • Social login

It is the same as the feature present in the user section. In this section, event managers can log in to their respective accounts. Also, here, they can create an account to use the interface effectively.

  • Create a profile

This section will allow event managers to create a profile for their respective companies.

  • Manage inquiries            

Here, event managers can manage the inquiries received from customers. Apart from that, they can also moderate these bookings via the interface.

  • Availability

Event planners can manage the opening and closing hours and the overall availability status.

  • Payments

This section will allow event managers to accept payments from different sources.

  • Call and chat

This platform will allow event managers to communicate with customers and learn about their requirements directly. Here, they can ask for reviews and ratings.

  • Reviews

Here, event managers can take a look at the reviews and ratings previously posted by clients.

  • Manage guests

 Using this tool, organizers can keep track of the guests, and see how many of the invitees attended the event.  

  • Manage employees

Using this app, organizers can keep track of the employees without any issues.

  • Create and export reports

This section will allow people to create reports and export them in various formats.

Other features like 360° viewing of the venues, real-time analytics can help a business promote its services among a lot of people. So, if you think that you need this app for your event management company as well, then all you have to do is ask the experts of My Programmers for a high-quality wedding planning app. The company also deals with web development, alongside other IT-related services.            

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