Why must you get a geolocation app for your business? Explained

Published 1 year ago
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Geolocation apps are needed every day for multiple reasons. Do you want to track the location of a person or a stolen vehicle? You must have these apps.

Geolocation is an integral feature of almost every lifestyle app used to search for a particular location, thing, hotels, and much more. Also,  geolocation apps are quite popular among people and businesses. Many businesses need geolocation of their customers to cater to their services.  If you want to sell your product to those companies, you must try to develop these apps. You can ask an iPhone app development company in Australia if you want help with it. However, you need to know a few things about it before deciding anything. 

Which apps use geolocation to offer their services?  

1. GPS Tracking apps  

These apps are mainly used to maintain security and surveillance. They use the technique of geolocation to protect your family members and employees, look for stolen vehicles, etc. 

2. Social media apps 

Social media needs your location to help you connect with people near your area of residence. Popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram allows you to post your images and tag location. The same concept applies to dating apps as well.

3. Maps and navigation   

Maps are crucial for us, especially if you are visiting a new location. If you are navigating through unknown streets, Google Maps can be a lifesaver. This app uses a built-in compass and schedules of urban transport to offer these services. 

Another example is Waze, which offers similar functionality. If you want to create an iOS app, you can choose an iOS app development company. 

4. Weather forecasting      

When you commute to an unknown location, you need to learn about that day’s weather forecast. This app offers stability, usability, and accuracy when it comes to weather situations like hurricanes, cyclones, etc. 

5. Locality recommendations  

Using these apps, you can learn about the new eateries launched in your city. However, they can also offer data about local breweries, restaurants, and other locations to visit. You can check the reviews and ratings before choosing one.

6. On-demand taxi booking and food delivery services      

Apps like Ola, Lyft, Postmates, and Uber Eats all use geolocation services. Companies can offer services to their customers, irrespective of their location.    

7. Lifestyle and event apps    

You can communicate with people with similar interests and receive updates of a specific event occurring at a particular time. Event management companies can put notifications about upcoming events and create a network of event managers and attendees.

8. Fitness

Geolocation of the app user is needed to track his or her daily sporting activities and patterns. They can offer personalized advice based on their routine. The same thing can be said about health apps. 

9. Travel apps 

Travel apps like TripAdvisor, Airbnb need the user’s geolocation data to work properly. Using these apps, people can choose where to go and what’s the best time for visiting those areas. 

10. eCommerce apps        

Amazon uses geolocation to offer the fastest service to people who have ordered products from them. It can also be used to offer personalized recommendations about specific products.  

11. Augmented Reality (AR)

Apps that offer AR services need the geolocation of an app user. Geolocation can help those apps to offer better services. 

What features should a geolocation app have? It must have a location and maps to offer outdoor and indoor geolocation services. Also, it should have the following features:  

1. GPS 

This feature is available on almost all handsets, especially if it is a smartphone. A geolocation app must use this information about the location and time of a user. The data is collected from four satellites so that the app can determine your location accurately.  

2. Cell ID 

This is needed to determine what mobile phone a person is using, and where is he located. This is perfect for phones that do not have GPS or are switched off. So, a mobile app development company will use codes that will leverage a cell ID's benefits.

3. Assisted GPS     

This combines the two technologies mentioned above to offer the best service when it comes to tracking a person's location.

4. Wifi   

Wifi also tracks the location of a person but with much more precision. It uses two techniques; the first is RSSI (Receive a signal strength indication), i.e., a phone’s outgoing signals. The second technique is the data consisting of frequently visited places. 

This app will use the concept of geofencing to work properly. This feature uses GPS to tell you how far you are from a specific location. This data can also be useful to determine whether a person is inside or outside a particular facility.  Using this, apps deliver coupons and offers to their customers. A geolocation app can use it to offer better indoor location tracking services. If anyone is using IoT (Internet of Things) to connect multiple devices, geolocation can help you do that.    

When you are looking to develop such an app, you must consider its security. A geolocation app collects user data regularly, which should be protected at any cost. If you want to market these apps, you must focus on the following points:  

  • It must be secure. 

  • It must be cost-effective. 

  • It must be free and easy-to-use (you can opt for the freemium model if you want).

  • The app must be maintained and updated at any cost.

Are you looking for a company that offers this service? Then you must choose My Programmers. It is an Australia-based IT company that can develop these apps for yourself. The company houses a lot of experienced developers, designers, and testers. You can check the portfolio and see how their applications work in real-time. After you have done all the necessary research (reputation, cost, customer satisfaction, etc.), you must schedule a meeting. You can send an email about it. 

You must tell your requirement to these experts and ask for their opinion. They will tell you if the idea is viable and profitable for your business or not. After discussing the elements, an MVP (Minimally Viable Product) will be created. You can tell if you want any modification to the design or not.

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