Why is PHP The Best Choice For Developing Web Applications?

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PHP is a great programming tool to be used for creating user-friendly web applications. Why do developers love this language? Learn about that from this blog.

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that developers use to create customized websites (eCommerce, CMS (Content Management System), etc.). PHP also plays a crucial role in web application development. Before diving deep into that, let's have a brief look at what a web application is. Web application (web app) is not a traditional app; instead, it needs web browsers to run. These applications are stored remotely on a server and are accessed whenever the requirement arises.

What can be a web application? Experts of the best PHP Development Company in Australia lists the following examples:

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Customized eCommerce solutions and databases

  • Websites that offer memberships and subscriptions

  • Discussion Forums and social websites

  • Gaming applications

  • Blogs

  • Web portals (customized)

  • Survey websites

  • Analytical programs

  • E-learning websites

  • Business-specific applications

So, basically, anything and everything can come under this category.

Now, why do developers prefer this language to create these applications? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, PHP is an open-source language, and people don't have to pay any fees to use this language. People can install it quickly and readily without dealing with the problems. PHP has a lot of frameworks to offer, and developers can choose one accordingly. PHP also makes the entire web development process faster and hassle-free, as PHP frameworks have many tools to offer. Using these tools, a web application with a smooth user-interface will be created.

PHP does not depend on the platform on which it is installed. It does not have any strict system requirements; i.e., it can run on any browser and machine. So, developers don't have to waste time on redeveloping the same application for different systems, thus saving a lot of time, resources, and money in the process. PHP organizes the code, thus making it look user-friendly and simple. Combine it with the fact that PHP has an easy learning curve. People can easily understand why a particular code is used, which is not the case with other programming languages.

Databases are crucial for smooth sailing (running) of the application. But if the connection between the database and the application is not established quickly, it can lead to performance issues. PHP can eliminate this worry, as it will connect with the database without much delay. The best part of PHP is that it can connect to multiple databases simultaneously. This fact plays a crucial role in increasing the speed of the application.

PHP contains multiple libraries and other tools that can be used to create these web applications. These tools can reduce the complexity of the code, thus enhancing without compromising with the performance. It will produce two benefits, first, the web application will be lightweight, and it will look more user-friendly (due to the usage of structured code blocks) and second, it will offer the best performance, i.,e, it will load within a few seconds. This is the reason why PHP is preferred even for eCommerce website development

PHP applications are easier to maintain, as PHP follows an MVC architecture. The Model-View-Controller approach will organize the code into different sections that are used to create these applications. Also, it is quite easy to use codebase too. Web application development will not be complete without testing. Developers need to find the flaws and fix them soon before releasing the application on the web.

PHP offers unit testing (developers can write test cases and check how the application is running). The testing process is automated, which means the results will be accurate (free from human errors and other mistakes). PHP offers unparalleled security, and no one ever doubts that. The PHP development community takes security threats very seriously, and it releases updated versions that can combat these situations.

All PHP frameworks offer protection against security threats, like data tampering, data theft, SQL injection, and other issues. And these platforms are constantly updated so that they can identify newer forms of online attacks and notify the concerned person accordingly. Stability is another major concern that must be addressed during the web application development process. PHP offers that stability, and it is a reliable language. Developers are using it for decades, and people don’t hear them complaining about stability, do they?

The last factor that encourages developers to pick PHP over others is its vast community. This community is where people can get news about the latest releases, technical issues, bug fixes, and updates. Developers will get a lot of documentation here, which can be used by new developers to write codes. So yes, there is no better language than PHP when it comes to web application development.

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