Why Is PHP In So Much Demand For Web Development?

Published 1 year ago
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This blog shines a light on the importance of PHP in the field of web development. Also, it discusses the key points of choosing the right company in Australia. 

A website is a digital identity of a business organization. Without it, a company will be lost in the vast sea of its competitors. Several programming languages can be used to develop a website. However, choosing the right language can be quite challenging.

If anyone doesn't choose the right one from thousands of existing programming languages, everything can go awry. PHP is the most popular among them. This server-side scripting language works in the background of some of the most popular websites, such as:

  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • MailChimp, etc.

The list goes on and on. This scripting language has been in demand for various reasons. Some of them are discussed below:


Open-source software means people don't have to make costly purchases. There's no need for licensing fees or paying money to update the tool. In other words, it is cost-effective. Companies that are on a budget, often choose this language for this purpose.     

Easy-to-use With Amazing Functionality 

According to the experts of PHP Development Company in Australia, it is one of the primary reasons why PHP is so popular. The syntax is quite similar to C, C++, etc. So, people who are familiar with C, will be at ease while using PHP. Also, this language is incredibly easy to learn, even for beginners. 

Aside from that, PHP can be embedded in web mark-up languages like HTML5. This offers a fantastic coding experience to the coders. The interface is flexible enough for programmers to make the necessary changes, whenever needed. In other words, it offers a degree of control to the coders.

Sometimes, you may need to add some additional features to your website; it will be possible using PHP. In other words, PHP is fully scalable. This tool can be used to develop faster websites (with loading speed lesser than 3 seconds).        

Compatible on all Browsers and Operating Systems

Websites developed using this tool can work in any browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). The same thing can be said about operating system compatibility. This language can work in Windows, Linux, and Solaris, etc. The platform-independency characteristic of the software is a compelling reason to use it.  

An Amazing Built-in Standard Library    

The standard library of PHP is what makes this language so unique. It increases the speed and efficiency of processing data by the processor. It supports HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) fetching, URL (Universal Resource Locator) parsing, and drivers designated for databases. The websites built with this language can interact with the database perfectly. PHP development services revolve around these things.


A website developed using this software will be safe from third-party intrusions. Therefore, you don't have to worry about occasional hacks and other problems like that. This is why web development experts trust PHP.


This language is processed at a faster rate, unlike other server-side scripting languages. This is because it does not occupy the memory space of the device and does not slow down the system.         

So, these are the reasons for which PHP is recommended for web development. Also, this tool is continuously updated to incorporate modern features. For example, concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Language) is added.

New extensions for MYSQL and XML (Simple) are also incorporated. The integration of SQLite into the platform is another fantastic update. Similarly, Opcache preloading, weak references, and typed properties are al the latest additions to this platform.

All of these features can help developers develop aesthetically-pleasing, dynamic, and responsive websites. From 1994, when PHP first made its appearance till now, it has become a contender in the IT industry. The concept was first formulated by Rasmus Lerdorf in the same year. The latest version of the software was released in March under the name 7.4.4.

So, you have understood the importance of this software in the field of web development. Now, you are looking for the best PHP development agency in your country. You want to get started right away, that’s great. 

But how can you choose a PHP Development company in Australia? Well, there are specific tips on that. The first thing you have to do is research and tons of research. You will find several companies that offer these services on the internet. You must check the portfolios of these service providers.

Next, visit the website to gauge the skill set of web developers of the company. Also, you will be able to see the services provided by the company. Examine the expertise and experience of web developers before making any decision.

You must read the client testimonials, ravings, and ratings. Ask how these people will proceed with your project. Check if the employees are transparent and communicative with you or not. Lastly, you can ask about the pricing before proceeding any further.     

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