Why is PHP better than Python? A developer’s guide

Published 1 year ago
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PHP and Python are both used for web development purposes, and each of them has its own set of merits and demerits. Learn why PHP is better than its alternative, Python.

In this age, no company can exist without having a website. Also, hiring professional developers is a better alternative for numerous reasons. However, all web development experts will not agree on a single programming language and stick to it. Some of them will say PHP is better, others will vote for Python. It can be quite confusing for business owners, as they are not familiar with all the technical jargon. So today, we will discuss two popular web development languages, PHP and Python, along with their merits and demerits. So, let’s get on with it.





PHP is an open-source scripting language widely used by web developers.  

This programming language (high-level) is mainly used for software development, web development, and scripting.   

Launch date

First, introduced in 1995.

First introduced in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. 


It is supported by multiple platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS. Also, it is compatible with Apaches and IIS.    

It also runs on different platforms. 


It can be easily integrated with databases like Oracle, MYSQL, and others. 

Python also comes with support for multiple databases. However, it lacks to some degree, when compared to PHP.

Open-source and free to download



Library support

PHP offers library support for web development. 

This language has even wider support for web development and software development.   


This language has extensive documentation on websites and forums. 

Python also offers documentation, as it is available in the market for a long time.  


CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, and Symphony

Django, Flask, Pylons, and Pyramid

Community support

PHP boasts of a dynamic community, always ready with support for the latest versions and upgrades.

The community is wide and mainly operates in the academic area.  


Faster (especially, after the launch of PHP 7). These applications load faster and offer the best performance. Yes, the application will restart each time after receiving a request.

Fast, but not as fast as PHP applications.

Ease of learning

Some people think that it is quite difficult to learn this language, compared to Python. However, with the quality of online support available, it is

Python is easier to learn, especially for beginners. 

Ease of use

It is quite easy to use, as it follows the syntax of C.  

Python offers ease of usage, and people think it has a considerable edge over the alternative.  


  • It can be used to create innovative websites and web applications (high-complexity web apps).
  • Can run on multiple frameworks (readily available than Python).
  • It is secure against online attacks, but not as much as Python.
  • These offer a lot of scalability and versatility. 



  • Not limited to only web development. It is mainly used for academic purposes (high-complexity). 
  • It is not available on all platforms.



  • Termed among the top 10 most secure programming languages.
  • Offers scalability (again has a slight edge over PHP).    



  • Sometimes, debugging a PHP-based application can be complicated. This is due to weak type implicit casting, and it can throw developers off, especially beginners. Also, PHP uses the XDebug package for debugging, whereas Python uses PDB (Python Debugger).   
  • Cannot be used to create significantly large applications.
  • Error handling can be a nightmare.
  • Cannot support a bunch of websites or apps.       
  • You can face runtime errors, even if debugging is a bridge.















  • Python can consume a lot of memory.



  • Cannot be used for developing mobile apps.    


  • WordPress
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram ‘
  • Reddit


Web development

Web development, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and automation   

Aside from these, PHP is a reliable alternative compared to Python and other web development sources. According to the experts of the best PHP development company in Australia, PHP has the feature of code reusability, which allows developers to create complex applications within a short period. It means this language is less time-consuming, resulting in faster website development.     

PHP-based applications are quite easier to operate, update and maintain, compared to Python. This language also offers excellent hosting services to its users. From the points mentioned above, it is clear that PHP is relatively a better choice. It should be noted that 80% of websites work on this particular language. 

However, it would depend on the requirement and the available tools. Now, we will discuss some of the popular PHP-based websites as follows:

1. Facebook

Hardly, there is a person who does not have an account on this social media platform. Do you know that the world’s largest social media platform is also based on this programming language? It is popular due to its dynamic features, fundraising pokes, and greetings, etc.   

2. Yahoo  

Yahoo is one of the oldest websites in the world, and PHP is again working in its background. Why is Yahoo (or was) popular? Because of its high-quality graphics and interface, policy framework, user-friendly, and security.

3. Wikipedia         

We cannot think of a world without Wikipedia, isn't it right? This comprehensive website is possible due to the vast libraries of PHP. This website is popular due to its user spaces, visual editing surfaces, etc.

4. Tumblr    

Another popular social media website, Tumblr, is used by people to post messages, post blogs, including the private ones. And this website is also based in PHP. Why is it so popular?

  • Allows multimedia blogs
  • Unique dashboard
  • Reblogging and personalized blogging  

5. WordPress

WordPress is a pretty popular name, especially among the blogging community. It is a PHP-based website, and it is mainly popular for:

  • Social sharing
  • Page styles
  • Customized themes 
  • Widgets
  • SEO-friendly
  • Support
  • Auto Upgrade     

As you can probably see that PHP is the best choice for web and app development. My Programmers is one of the best IT companies that offer web development to its customers. This company has teams of experts (web developers, designers, testers, etc.), who will work tirelessly to provide excellent services. It is recommended to check the overall portfolio of the company to see the level of creativity of these experts. After going through the pricing structure, decide the best for your business.

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