Why Flutter is the best choice for hybrid healthcare app development?

Published 1 year ago
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Every day a lot of healthcare apps are getting published on app stores. Do you want to publish one too? Go for hybrid healthcare apps for maximum customer segmentation.

During the post-COVID time, the number of healthcare apps is on the rise. People want to remain fit and healthy and look for expert guidance at their fingertips. If we see the app statistics in the app stores, we will see that the number of these apps have doubled. Do you want to get a healthcare app for your hospital or medical institute? You are thinking in the right direction. However, you should know some details before delivering deep into the matter.

You have two options; one, native app development (Android or iOS). In this method, you can ask app developers to get an app for a specific store. If you want to publish the app on both these stores, you may have to spend a massive amount. On the other hand, business owners like you can choose hybrid app development.

Now, why is the second one the better option, among the two? First and foremost, developers will write the code for only one time. The same coding will be used to publish the app on both stores simultaneously. Second, hybrid apps have the best UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), hands down. If you don’t believe this article, then visit the stores and check out. You will see what I am talking about.

Experts say that hybrid apps are manageable, and developers can update them without any hassle. Compared to native apps, these are easier to maintain, so no more crashes. If we talk about performance, hybrid apps check this box too. However, there are two reasons for which most developers would recommend this option. These are stability and security, and you will see in a bit why. 




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Hybrid apps employ the strongest level of encryption and other security features. So, hackers cannot enter the app's main console from either end, i.e., frontend and backend. Pair these apps with cloud-based technologies, and you will have a winner. It is a crucial point for healthcare apps, as they deal with tons of patients' vital medical information. When needed, people with the necessary credentials can log in and download the required documents.

These apps do not depend on any (or limited) OS (Operating System) specifications. Even if users update the device OS to its latest version, the app will continue to work without any interruption. The platforms used to create hybrid apps are also updated frequently. It makes the job of the developer easier when it comes to updating the app. The app will not offer any performance issues, i.e., it is stable compared to its alternative.

Right now, many hybrid app development frameworks are used for this purpose. But, not all these tools are suitable for a specific project, and it should be chosen wisely. How do developers choose the right framework when it comes to developing these apps?

  • Framework’s utility tools and features (plays a crucial role in defining the app’s UX and UI)
  • Does it support API (Application Programmable Interface) integration?
  • Does it follow all Google Play and iOS app store restrictions?
  • Is it easy to maintain the platform, or is it the opposite?
  • Can developers get support from the online community? Or does the platform contain documentation?
  • How do others rate the performance of this particular framework?
  • Is it feasible to use this particular framework for a project?
  • Is it costly? Is it time-efficient?             


Flutter is the ultimate answer to all these questions. According to the experts of the best Flutter development service in Australia, this tool has the best features to offer. Flutter uses the programming language Dart, and experts believe it is the best one till date. The platform can be used to develop several hybrid apps, ranging from simple to complex (heavily data-centric).

It contains widgets that can be used to add or delete features from the app. Flutter can be combined with different third-party APIs without any hassle. This is another point both developers and business owners should consider. Third, Google and iOS app stores have a set of strict policies when it comes to app publishing. And these rules change quite often, and app development frameworks must abide by those.

When an app is created using Flutter, the app automatically fits all these criteria. So, the risk of getting rejected or unpublished is significantly less. After the app is published, the process does not end there. The app should be maintained frequently, and it must have regular updates. Native apps can be tough to maintain, compared to the hybrid ones.

Flutter has a vast community of developers, and it is ready to help developers in distress. Here, developers can access documentation and other articles that can help them out too. When it comes to performance, Flutter offers excellent service. Due to this reason, it has received a lot of recommendations and reviews from experts worldwide.

Sometimes, a particular framework cannot be used to create a specific project. It is also true for cross-platform app development frameworks. But Flutter is one of those exceptional ones that can be used to create several projects without any issues. So, yes, it is feasible to use Flutter for creating a specific healthcare app. It makes the process of app development time-efficient, which is a big plus. Lastly, it is a cost-effective choice compared to others.

Due to all these reasons, My Programmers uses Flutter to create hybrid apps. The experts are aware of how effective this tool is and use it to its fullest advantage. Developers have the essential skills and knowledge for this purpose. They are experienced in creating different apps, like healthcare, retail, eCommerce, and others. People can check these apps out in the company’s portfolio.

The company is reputed to deliver the tasks within time, as it has a low attrition rate. Also, it openly communicates with clients about the task's progress via emails and chats. My Programmers does not believe in planning costly services, unlike other companies. If you have any app idea, you are welcome to visit the website.

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