Why Choose PHP For Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Development?

Published 1 year ago
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Do you open websites on your mobile device? Of course, you do. When doing so, you must have encountered AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages). What is it? A game-changing technology in web development, AMP is defined as the lightweight version of mobile-friendly web pages. AMPs usually load at a lightning-fast speed and are quite interactive.     

Who should you opt for AMPs?

  • Businesses, which want a lot of organic mobile traffic, and increase visibility  definitely need this
  • If you want to increase interactions between the website and web visitors, by offering the best mobile experience
  • If you want to reduce the load on the servers and enhance execution time


AMPs means fewer ads, enhanced security of consumers, highly optimized web pages for website visitors. The main reason for the popularity of AMPs is that they work on different platforms. Due to all these reasons, it is the best choice for eCommerce sites. AMPs can be developed on-demand, which is a huge trend right now.    

The best PHP development company in Australia recommends PHP for the development of AMPs. The experts do it for several reasons. The first point is that PHP is an open-source programming language, which means it is cost-effective. This will mean you don’t have to spend a lot of money on developing AMPs.

PHP is an easy-to-learn language, and the coding syntax is incredibly simpler. This is another reason developers prefer it over others when it comes to AMP development. It is quite easy to implement the programming for this purpose.      

The second reason is variety. PHP is present for a very long time. So, it can support a lot of different frameworks, like AMP. Also, PHP offers support and stability to this latest framework. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the reliability of these pages.

The third point that should be considered while developing AMPs is compatibility. AMPs usually targets the mobile audience who use different devices to access these pages. If these applications are compatible with these devices and browsers, it means greater visibility. If a platform-independent programming language like PHP is used, it will add to the compatibility of the applications. PHP programmers mention that this language is compatible with Apache, Netscape, and IIS server.

If needed, the structure of these applications can be customized according to client requirements. If you want to retain your website visitors, the web page must load within 3-5 seconds. Otherwise, you will lose 90% of the traffic. This can be made possible through AMPs.

How can PHP help you with that? It is a language in which programs are executed speedily. And this factor solely makes this language the best choice for these applications.

Another thing you should consider while developing these AMPs is security. Usually, these applications handle a lot of sensitive customer information. If you don't prefer using PHP, you might run into the risk of data theft and online hacks.

Nobody wants to deal with that, right? This is why PHP should be used for the AMP development purpose. Why? PHP follows various security protocols and uses different security frameworks to ensure that data privacy and security are maintained.

PHP is a tested and tried language, so you don't have to worry about any other risks. The time required to develop these applications will be significantly lessened. From the points mentioned above, it can be said that PHP is the clear winner when it comes to AMP development.

When it comes to PHP development, its best to choose a reputed PHP development agency for your business. The developers will have the necessary experience and expertise as well as the required tools and resources. This will not be possible with freelancers.

Also, you can check their experience, portfolio, and developers' skills before making the decision. A professional company will ensure that the design will look visibly pleasing. An attractive design will catch the visitors' attention, and they will stay for a longer time.

Apart from development and designing, a professional company will make sure that the applications are secure, updated, and relevant in a particular scenario. The experts will use the latest technologies while developing these applications. If you have any questions regarding the project, they can help you with that. Also, they can explain the craze about PHP in web development in simpler terms.

The professionals usually deliver the project within the stipulated deadline. And they try not to exceed the budgetary constraints. You may have some difficulties while using the application; it's only natural. The professionals will ensure that you get 24/7 support and work on the problem you are facing.

You will not get quality technical support from freelancers. So, if you want to harness the benefits of using AMP, try PHP developed web pages. If you are looking for a reputed company, you must consider My Programmers.           

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