Which features can make a streaming app successful?

Published 1 year ago
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Streaming apps like Netflix are widely popular, and several companies have been following suit by creating such applications. Do you want to invest in a similar app? Read this blog to know in detail.


Everybody understands the need for apps, especially from a business-related context. Nearly 2.9 million people worldwide use smartphones, so we don't need to reaffirm the value of business-centric apps. However, Android is not the only option out there; iOS apps are pretty popular too.

Why should any business invest in an iPhone app development company? Here are the reasons to look at:

  • iOS apps can offer the best performance, which makes it a must for high-end businesses. With these apps, a company can offer excellent services and unique business-centric features and functionalities.
  • It can improve the level of productivity significantly, thus boosting customer satisfaction and the business's reputation.
  • iOS offers the highest-quality security, which makes it the best for processing transactions.   
  • iOS apps usually have a simpler UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) than their Android counterparts. 

So, these are the reasons for which iOS app development is the right approach. Several apps have gained popularity among app users. One such app is a streaming app (where people can watch their favorite movies, web series, and documentaries).

If you run an entertainment business and want to target the audience, you must get a streaming app. So, what are the features that developers must include in this app? Have a look at the points below:

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  • User registration/ login

Like any other app, this app will also have a user registration and login section. Here, the app can use social media integrations to make the process easier.

  • User profile             

The section will contain details about a particular user, including his likes and dislikes. Based on the information provided in this area, the app can show personalized content to users.

  • Video streaming          

Here, users should have access to different videos (either from the business itself or from other content providers). If a business wants to display content from other creators, it can either rent these videos or purchase them from the owner.

  • Storage         

Using this feature, people can download their favorite shows to watch them later. Also, they can rewatch some of the content whenever they want. Developers can create an Android app with similar features, too, if a business wants to target the audience of this platform.  

  • Real-time chat and comments  

This section allows people to chat among themselves, discussing their opinions about a particular show. Also, they can provide comments and reviews, and they will love the app for this reason. If the reviews are stellar, then the app is bound to reach more people in the market.   

  • Search   

This option allows people to search for their favorite shows and explore something out-of-the-box. People can filter the shows according to the genre, time duration, actors, and content creators (especially if they provide content from different sources).

  • Schedules

This section will provide information about the launch of a new web series, movie, or any TV program. It can allow people to schedule if they want to watch a show later.

  • Subscriptions

People can choose to pay a subscription fee to avail their favorite content without any hassle. Also, subscribing to a particular content creator can offer the latest updates about recent launches and similar things. This option allows the app owner to monetize the content. To receive payment, the business should incorporate different payment options in the interface.

Another monetization aspect the app owner can include is ads. The app owner can decide which ads to be shown and at what intervals. He can choose if the ad should be skippable or not or it's between these two extremes.

  • Push notifications

Most apps contain this feature, and people will receive notification about a new series.

The app must be secure, and it should have the highest level of encryption to protect data from security issues. It should be updated regularly to comply with App Store's guidelines and to maintain its security protocols.

The app must support analytics, which allows app owners to evaluate the app's performance and value.

If the app is properly developed, it can help a business get profits and revenues. Some of the popular apps in this category are as follows:

  • Netflix

Netflix offers a lot of shows (including shows, movies, originals, and TV programs). The subscription plan allows people to watch shows without any interruptions. It has got regular updates, and its popularity is unmatched.

  • Amazon Prime 

Another popular streaming app, Amazon Prime, offers many shows that are available across various platforms. This platform allows people to choose from different subscription plans (monthly or annual) and offer personalized content accordingly.

  • HBO Now

HBO Now offers on-demand streaming services to its customers; most of the shows are original and marketed by the HBO team. 

  • HULU

Hulu also offers original content, and it allows people to watch the shows of the previous day freely. This app mainly gets its monetary benefits from subscription plans. On this platform, people will stay updated about the latest shows.   

  • Youtube     

Youtube is one of the oldest video streaming platforms in the world. Youtube is slightly different, as people can create channels and upload content and publish it online.      

If you need an app like this, then you should contact professionals. These people can decide the right technology to create an app and deliver the best in terms of performance and aesthetics.

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