What features must be included within a video chatting app? Explained

Published 1 year ago
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Apps like Zoom and Skype have reached their zenith of popularity during the lockdown period. What are the features of these kind of apps? Read this blog to know more.

If you take a look at the Google Play or Apple App Store, you will see several apps of different categories. One such category is video chatting app, where people can chat with others over video calls. During the pandemic, these apps rose to popularity as people were forced to work from home. Apps like Zoom, Skype, etc., were the popular choices.

If a business wants to create similar apps, then it should contact a mobile app development company. But for that, it should have an idea of the must-have features that are crucial for the successful operation of an app. Here is a preview:



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1. Preview (Pre-call)

This option allows users to check if the participating system’s camera (video) and microphone (audio) is perfect or not. Also, it would enable them to enable or disable video, as per their choice.

2. Chat  

Online chatting is an integral feature of any video chat app, so this must be included. People can chat with others (send messages) using this feature. The participant must enable chatting during call sessions to ensure faster and efficient communication between team members.

3. Attachment of files

Do you know the fundamental reason behind the popularity of these apps? It’s the ability to share files with others over the internet. While incorporating this feature, two other factors must be kept in mind.

What are those? One, security, so that people can securely transfer the files from one point to another. Two, convenience; people should not have to deal with any hassle. If needed, people can store the files to access them on the go. 

4. Conference calls

This is a feature often used during online meetings. Using these options, more than two people can join the call and engage in the conversation. Some experts consider this to be one of the primary features of such applications. However, it can be quite difficult to add it, as the application will need robust backend support and other facilities to work properly.

5. Screen sharing

This is another key facility that must be present within a video chatting software. If an employee is stuck on any problem and cannot figure out the solution, he can share the screen. People on the call can see it and offer the necessary solutions. So, this feature is a must.

However, these are not the only features that must be available in the app. It would require these too:


6. Recording

This facility can come in handy for people during online meetings, classes, and other events. People might miss out on important details due to various reasons, and they can revisit these stored recordings and figure out those points. Of course, the app, and the system, must have sufficient storage space. Or better yet, encourage people to store these files on the cloud.

7. Participant mute/ unmute  

This feature is solely accessible to the host of an online meeting or a class. It would allow them to prevent someone from speaking unexpectedly (especially when others are communicating). This would lead to less chaos, miscommunication, etc. The host can choose to mute a participant or participants for a specific time or the entire session.

8. Emojis/filters/ virtual participation (hand raising)      

Emojis are a fun way to express one's thoughts and are present on every social platform. So, why shouldn't an online video chat app have them too? We can say the same thing about filters, and these can be added to attract more users. Do you see the option of virtual clap on Zoom? You can ask for the same feature for your app as well. Or, you can ask for a virtual hand-raising option as well.

9. Live streaming       

Almost all of us know about this feature, all thanks to Youtube and social media platforms. Using this concept, people can stream audio and video files, over this app. A person mainly uses this to reach larger groups of people and this feature play a crucial role during major events.

10. Polls       

Hosts can use polls to engage people effectively, especially during long and tedious meetings. It can be used to check if the people are listening to the minutes of the meeting attentively. At the end of the session, the host can ask the participant to enter the poll, and leave their feedback.

Aside from these, developers may have to add the concept of a whiteboard if it is developed for educational purposes. The teacher can use it to impart knowledge and information to the students. More features can be added, as per the business requirements.

This app can be made available for Android and iOS, and even web apps can be created for the same. These experts would choose the right technology according to the business’s requirements.

How will the developers create this app? Here have a look at the development procedure.

  • Backend development

This is crucial, as a poor backend will ultimately lead to the failure of the app. So, in the very first stage, developers will ensure this facility works just fine. This is true for website development too.

  • UI/ UX design       

After establishing the backend, developers will move towards UI/UX design. This part must be pretty to look at and easy to navigate and use. Then the rest of the app (frontend) will be developed.

  • Testing

The testing phase comprises a large part of the app development cycle, and the app will be tested multiple times for bugs and other issues. After the application comes out clean, it will be proceeded to further stages.

  • Launch    

After testing, the app is ready for launch, and people all over the world can see it, once it is published in the app stores.

  • After-launch maintenance

The process does not and should not end with product launch; it must also include maintenance and support.

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