What are the top product niches available on WooCommerce: A guide

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Before starting a WooCommerce store, one should know about the top-selling product niches on this platform. It would help a person choose the right one.  

People starting an eCommerce store on WooCommerce must know the top-selling products on the WooCommerce store. This article will shed light on this and help businesses choose the right niche. The experts of the Best WooCommerce Development Company In Australia can also help people with that. So, let’s start.

1. Health and wellness

This is the most popular niche, as people prefer to get organic products and dietary supplements for better living. Business owners can sell supplements, multivitamins, medicines, and shakes to customers and encourage them to live an active and healthy life.

Aside from that, companies can sell customized health solutions and services to these people. Once a business has gained a reputation, there's no stopping it. After some time, a company can offer a "90-day" diet plan (for example, weight loss), which comprises supplements, detox pills, shakes, and multivitamins.

2. Smart Watches         

This category closely resembles the first one, as it helps people track how much calories they have taken and burnt. Also, these devices can be used to check the vitals, especially during exercises. Some of the watches are voice-enabled, and an online store can attract people to such products.

What are the popular choices of smartwatches among customers?

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Fitbit

  • Apple Watch

  • Fossil

3. Mobile and mobile accessories          

Mobile and its accessories are always popular among people. Companies are always bringing newer models with new features and functionalities. People will choose a product that will fit their requirements, budget, etc. It is essential to offer a wide range of products (Android, iOS, etc.).

An eCommerce business can choose Shopify development if they want to choose a different approach than WooCommerce. Aside from mobiles, mobile accessories are popular as well. Some of these products are mobile cases, stands, chargers, adapters, etc. People will get attracted to those stores that offer customized mobile accessories within an affordable range. 

4. Clothing line

A clothing line can be a profitable idea if one knows how to sell clothes. One particular type of clothing can be shapewear, a quite popular product among people, especially youngsters. Why? Because shapewear is comfortable and can be used as practical wear. Also, people can wear them underneath a stylish dress to look fit, smart, and beautiful.

Some of the popular choices of shapewear are mentioned below:

  • Leggings

  • Bodysuits

  • Other products

5. Arts and crafts               

If anyone wants to sell their handmade arts and crafts products, they choose to do so in a WooCommerce store. This option is for people who have the necessary skills to create customized gifts, jewelry (beaded earrings, necklaces, hoops, etc.), wallpapers, and other ideas.

6. Pet food and grooming products

Many Australians are pet owners and can act as a strong consumer base for a business. They would need a store where they would get the best products for their loved pets. The same thing can be said about grooming products as well. To broaden the store, one can choose to offer toys and gifts for these animals (collars, toothbrushes, chewing toys, etc.).

7. Books (or more specifically ebooks)  

This category can help businesses target readers situated anywhere in the world. Some people prefer paperbacks, while others choose ebooks (for their convenience). List books from all genres (horror, self-help and relationships, food, social sciences, and business and finance) to get more people to visit the site.

These 7 are the trending niches that can offer maximum profits, sales, and revenues. However, there are other categories and subcategories as well, and one should choose this niche wisely. Several factors can influence the decision significantly. 

So, what things should be considered before choosing a specific niche? Let's discuss those points now. First, a business can search on Google and popular eCommerce websites for the top products. Don't choose over-hyped ones, because once the hype dies down, you may not get enough customers.

Instead, try to focus on those products that can be used to solve a problem. This would sell more, thus driving a company's sales, profits, and revenues. Aside from that, one should also consider the product’s shelf life, pricing, quantity, and shipping difficulties. After one has decided on a niche, now it’s time to customize the store.

Depending on the niche, developers will create a store that is uniquely customized for a specific business. This will help a business establish itself as a credible business, earn a reputation, and millions in revenues and sales. If a person wants, he or she can check out the existing themes and see if they are the right fit or not. 

The themes can be customized, i.e., some features can be added or modified and even deleted. If anyone has any confusion, they should ask questions to the expert as soon as possible. With their help, a person can start selling products online without any hassle.

Why would My Programmers be an appropriate choice in this matter?

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The experts will make sure that the site is SEO-friendly ((Search Engine Optimization)-friendly). This is not what My Programmers is all about. The company offers services like website maintenance, regular updates, and so on, making a business always up and running. If anyone is still having issues or any confusion, they can check the company’s portfolio for themselves and give a mail to the experts.

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