What are the top 3 PHP development frameworks? A developer’s input

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PHP frameworks are used to increase the ease of website development by making them secure and effective. These are the top 3 frameworks widely popular among PHP developers.

PHP is a widely popular choice for web development, and many frameworks can be used for this purpose. The top 3 PHP frameworks that are preferred by developers:

  • Laravel

  • Symfony

  • Zend

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All these frameworks are good, and developers choose the best one according to the project’s requirements. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each of these frameworks.


1. Laravel

First up, we have Laravel, and it is the most preferred framework by developers. It has some outstanding features, like a simplified verification process, caching, session handling, routing, and other features. These features make web development easier. Let's discuss the pros of this framework:

  • Laravel has the best coding rules and regulations, and it follows an MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. 

  • It has the best set of tools and libraries that can be used to create stunning and dynamic websites. 

  • This framework supports all features available in the latest updates of PHP. Authentication, mail integration, etc. are the top features of this framework.

  • It is a secure framework with all the latest security features, like SQL injection and other advanced issues.

  • Websites developed using Laravel are most popular, as they have the best visual aesthetics. Laravel-based websites offer the best experience to customers in terms of navigation.

  • Laravel has the best exception and error-handling features, thus allowing developers to perform multiple testing. This framework can handle humongous website traffic, and it is why most developers love it.

Now, let’s discuss the cons:

  • Some developers find Laravel to be very rigid, unlike other frameworks.

  • As discussed in the pros that this framework has many features to offer. This makes it quite slow and heavy, and developers may avoid this tool to prevent complications.

  • In some cases, queries can be quite complex so that the application can run efficiently.

According to the experts of the best PHP development company in Australia, Laravel is the best option for developing PHP-based websites.


2. Symfony 

Now, let’s discuss the second framework, Symfony. It is an outstanding framework that can revolutionize PHP development. Why? This tool allows developers to incorporate the elements directly into the project. It is mainly used for websites with complex and unique features or those that are highly-optimized.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this platform so that the readers have a better understanding of it. The pros are:

  • Symfony is a highly customizable tool, as it has multiple components that can be used to create stunning websites.

  • It offers advanced features and has inbuilt tools like unit testing. The application can be tested multiple times.

  • This framework is known for having a well-structured codebase, and developers can maintain an application in this tool without any fuss.

  • It comes with a lot of documentation that can be used by developers whenever they need help.

  • Symfony has the best community support to offer, and developers term this framework as the mature one.      

Despite being widely popular as a PHP-based web development framework, Symfony is not free from flaws. These flaws are:

  • Symfony does not fully support dependency injection, and the framework is not as intuitive as Laravel.

  • Experts believe that Symfony can be quite difficult to learn, as it has some difficult coding rules and components.     

Of course, there are ways to work around these cons, and only PHP development experts will know about them. 


3. Zend 

The third PHP framework on the list is Zend. This framework also follows the MVC structure, like Laravel. As per experts, this tool can be used to develop projects within a minimal time. That's right; website development in this framework is time-efficient. Advantages of this tool are mentioned below:

  • Like any other PHP framework, Zend is also highly customizable, and it supports HTML components. 

  • As it follows the MVC structure, it can be used for developing high-quality complex, robust, scalable, and dynamic websites.

  • This tool has the best error detection and exception-handling facilities, and developers use it to reduce these risks.

  • Zend can be easily integrated with other applications; this is not the case with other frameworks on the list.

  • It has a set of rules and guidelines, and every contributor has to follow them to the T.

  • Zend is a free and open-source tool, and its architecture is quite simplistic and flexible. Developers can decide which component to use while developing websites.

  • It supports advanced applications like Big Data and others.

  • Zend is quite speedy compared to other tools, as it is quite lightweight.                     

Here are the cons of this platform:

  • Despite being one of the oldest platforms, Zend is not qualified as a beginner-friendly medium.

  • There are not adequate resources for developers (those available are huge and come with complicated documentation). This is why getting acquainted with this platform is quite difficult.

  • Zend is an expensive platform, with expensive plug-ins and themes available.          

If anyone is looking for a PHP-based website, they must contact web development experts. Why? The experts can play around a bit and decide the best framework for a project. They will know how to use a particular platform and which components will be the best one. A business owner cannot get this knowledge despite going through all the tutorials and other resources.

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