What are the Magento extensions you should know of?

Published 1 year ago
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Magento is a powerful tool, which can be used to create stunning eCommerce sites. But these extensions can make your site even more attractive.

Do you have a Magento-powered eCommerce website? Do you want to increase its functionality? Then you must take a look at these Magento 2 extensions. If you don't know, support for Magento 1 has ended on 30 June. So, let's get started. 

You know people always love to see which products are selling the most. You should show this information on the homepage. How can you do that? This can be easily done by using the Best Sellers Products extension. This can be added as a widget, which can offer a sliding functionality on those products. 

It is a tool, which can be used to create leads and convert them successfully. If you want to add this tool, you must consult the top Magento development company in Australia. Another extension, which can be simultaneously used is the Most Viewed and Sold Product Count. Sometimes, people love to ask questions about the products. And they are pleasantly surprised if the store responds to those questions. 

If you provide that opportunity to your customers, you will get a lot of buyers. If you want to prevent spamming, you can use the captcha technique. Though not used so frequently, Request a Quote can also help you out. Some people may want to buy your products in bulk.  

You can ask these people to send you a quote for that. All they have to do is to click on the button shown on the website. Most eCommerce sites allow customers to add testimonials on the site. It will help others find your business credible and reliable.  

The Advanced Testimonials extension can help customers add reviews and ratings, with their name, communication address, image, and product description.        

If you want to offer the latest news on your website about the latest products and such, you must use the Press Release extension. It can help you publish Youtube videos and other media to attract customers. A lot of eCommerce sites use this tool to increase sales by leaps and bounds. Do you have any questions about it? Then the experts of a Web development company can help you out.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for ranking a website in the search engine results. Magento 2 itself is SEO-friendly, and you can enhance this feature using the Advanced SEO Suite extension. 

A website with improved SEO will increase engagement from your customers. Almost all online store offers shipping or free shipping to its customers. If you want to enhance the shipping experience for your customers, you must try the Shipping Suite Ultimate. Also, you must include the top Magento payment gateways to facilitate faster checkout.  

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These are the extensions you can use to customize the site. But there are a lot of these extensions, to be honest. But you must not dump all the extensions on the website. It will hamper the look and functionality of the site. 

Also, not all of them are needed for your online store. If you are confused, which extensions to apply, you must consult the Magento development services as soon as possible. So, are you looking for a company, which will develop an eCommerce website for your business? 

Then your search ends here. My Programmers has a long history of developing such sites for businesses, belonging to different niches. Our experts are well-trained in this matter, and they know about the latest technology trends. 

You will get a site that is compatible with all modern browsers and platforms (devices). What happens when you get in touch with our experts? First, an online meeting will be fixed between the two parties. Here, project requirements, tools, costs, and project delivery deadlines will be discussed. 

Then the experts will get to work. First, a layout will be designed by the designers. Upon approval of the design the developer will start working on this layout and develop a rudimentary project. Then it will be shown to the customer (you), and you will be asked to provide your feedback. 

If you are satisfied with the project, further steps will be taken to develop the project within time. If you are not, your feedback will be used to create a site according to your choice. 

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Do you need any more convincing? I hope not. If you want to talk about the project you have in mind, email us as soon as possible. 

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