Top financial mobile app ideas for you: An expert’s review

Published 1 year ago
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You need to have an app that can fit the trends of an ever-changing industry. Do you need a stunning app for your business? Try Ionic for it.   

The financial sector has seen rapid growth, as new concepts are being introduced every day. With the changing dynamics in mind, financial companies are looking for new app ideas. This is true for both experienced business owners and startups.

Do you need some app ideas for your business? Experts of the Best Ionic Development Service In Australia, have some app ideas for you. Let’s have a look:

1. Peer-Peer payment apps

This is a trend that is currently popular and is growing exponentially. You can create an app that will allow people to instantly transfer money from one point to another (including bank accounts).

Why are these applications necessary? There will be no need for any intermediaries, and processing fees. Some of the notable examples are Google Pay, Venmo, and Paypal, etc.

Tip: You must include face and voice recognition technologies, NFC, etc. if you want to create a fast-paced, awesome P2P payment app. If you choose to get it developed in Ionic, you can launch it across two platforms (Android and iOS).

2. Digital wallets and digital banking apps

Digital banking is not exactly a new concept, but it is quite necessary in today’s scenario. People can perform online banking from anywhere in the country, without visiting banks and ATMs.

These apps can be used in investing, opening accounts, block and unblocking cards, etc. You can pay money without using credit and debit cards, and physical wallets. These wallets can create a massive turnover in 2024, $7581 billion to be exact. 

3. Financial advising app   

People need financial advice all the time, but they do not know where to turn to. A financial advisory app can be quite helpful for investors and other people. You can ask an Ionic app development company in Australia, to create such an app.

If you want to get an advanced app, you can try using Machine Learning and robotics to provide better customer service. By doing this, you can deliver customized solutions to these experts.

4. Loan and Credit App 

This is another app idea that can rake in billions for your company. This runs on the P2P principles, where people can lend or borrow money from one another. However, there is a significant difference from other apps.

People can set the loan rate according to their preference, especially if they want to lend money. On the other hand, borrowers can choose a lender with the lowest interest rate.

5. Financial management app

In this app, people can learn how to manage their savings and expenses, i.e., financial management. They will get a detailed report about their financial health in real-time.

Also, this app provides insights on how to manage finances without any issues. However to do that, an app user needs to provide all his or her bank and card details. After doing all these processes, the app will update itself.

6. Trading and investment app    

This is another one that is quite similar to the financial management app. Here, people are encouraged to invest in stocks and trades, shares, forex, and funds. Also, they can learn new data about this market from this app. You can ask a mobile app development company and add some customized features into the app.  

7. Blockchain-based apps

Blockchain technology is the driving factor in the financial community for various reasons. It offers privacy, security and a sense of credibility to these online transactions. You can combine two technologies here, Ionic and Blockchain. You can ask an Ionic mobile app development in Australia and see what they have to say about the idea.

8. RegTech     

When people want to start a business, they have to learn about all the necessary rules and regulations of the concerned industry. This is true for the finance and fintech industry too. With these apps, people can educate themselves about those regulations and proceed accordingly.

These apps will be an instant hit, and you can earn $55 billion by the year end.

9. Cryptocurrency exchange apps   

This app will be for people who are cryptocurrency buffs. If anyone wants to enter the decentralized market, they must use these apps. In these platforms, people can exchange one currency for another. But, there’s a catch too.

Your app must be transparent, fast, secure, and cost-effective to encourage people to engage in these exchanges. When you choose Ionic, you will get an app that:

  • Can operate on both platforms, Android and iOS.

  • Can work efficiently without any bugs and performance lags.

  • Loads at a faster rate than the native ones.

  • Provides security, especially during financial activities

  • Is easy to update and maintain

  • Has an amazing UI (User Interface), and offers the best user experience (UX) 

  • Is cost-effective

  • Is faster to develop

So, if you belong to this industry and need such an app, you must speak with Ionic development experts. Of course, these are some of the trending ones right now. But this can change, so you need to study the market insights.

Even if you don’t have any idea, feel free to visit the website of My Programmers. And if you have a requirement, it’s even better to directly consult with them.

You can see the apps developed by the experts and check out the layouts and themes for inspiration. Perhaps you can get an idea from these samples. You can see how the app is working on these platforms to have a better idea.

My Programmers offers a range of services:

  • Customized mobile app development, including UX/UX designing, adding different plugins, etc.  

  • Customized web development ( Yes, Ionic is mostly used for app development, but websites can be developed too)

  • Quality testing (repeated tests, for example, beta and alpha testing and other tests).

  • The product will be launched after the developers are sure that it is free from bugs, and other issues.

  • After-sales maintenance and support

  • Faster project delivery and cost-effective solutions 

The company has a stellar reputation and has years of experience in serving a lot of customers. If you are someone just curious to learn about Ionic, you can ask questions to the experts.    

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