Top 9 Ionic app templates worth trying: An insider’s review

Published 1 year ago
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Ionic is the best platform for creating cross-platform apps. Do you need one for your business? These are the top 9 templates you can consider to work on.  

If you want high-quality, cross-platform apps for your business, you can never go wrong with the Ionic framework. It comes with pre-built, reusable UI (User Interface) components, supports adaptive styling, and offers awesome themes and navigation, apart from a list of other interesting features. 

If anyone wants to develop an app from scratch, they can do it too. You need to choose the Best Ionic Development Service In Australia to get the best results. Developers can use the existing templates and tweak them to meet your requirements. 

As mentioned above, Ionic comes with multiple templates (free and premium), making the process of developing apps easier. But, some of them are more popular than the others. Today, we will be counting down 9 of them.

  • IonFullApp 

This template comes with loads of features that can be used to develop stunning apps. Also, it is quite flexible and customizable, and UI is quite amazing due to the usage of SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets). Some of these features are:   

  • Push notifications 

  • WordPress integration 

  • Maps and Geolocation

  • Social sharing 

  • Video and audio support 

  • Login flow  

This template is a pretty generalized one, and many businesses can use it. 

  • Ionic 3 UI Theme and template app 

Another pretty easy-to-use and customizable template, Ionic 3 UI, can make your app stand out. You may need to keep an eye on customer behavior, send them newsletters, and see these people's demographics and location. This template can help you do that; it comes with Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Google Maps integration. 

Some notable features:

  • Push notifications

  • Firebase backend 

  • QR and barcode scanner       

This template can be used to create moderately complex apps.  

  • WPMS Learning Management System app

Are you planning to create an e-learning mobile application? Then you must use this option. Using this, you can display the courses, and ensure that your website and app are synced together. This will allow students to access the course from either the website or the app. 

The best part is that it has a WooCommerce checkout system that supports different payment systems. A gist of notable features:

  • Push notifications 

  • Quizzes 

  • Dashboard displaying course and quiz graphs 

  • Offline mode support 

  • Live chat 

This template can be beneficial for those who are related to the education industry.  

  • Ionic eCommerce

This is perhaps the best template for starting an eCommerce venture. eCommerce needs an interactive interface, and this tool offers that. It also includes a robust CMS (Content Management System), which can be used to manage the store. What is included in it? 

  • Multiple payment gateways and currencies 

  • Multiple shipping techniques 

  • Multilingual 

  • Product search filters, sorting, etc. 

  • Inventory management 

  • Social login and share 

  • OneSignal notifications  

If you want to create an eCommerce app, try this template. 

  • Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce 

It is an extended version of the previous template, but for WooCommerce. Using this template, you can create cross-platform eCommerce apps. These apps are known to provide an amazing and problem-free shopping experience. What does it offer? 

  • Real-time app store connectivity and product syncing 

  • Multiple payment and shipping options

  • Advanced product search, sorting, and filtering options 

  • OneSignal push notifications      

The best WooCommerce developers recommend this platform.   

  • Giraffy Delivery 

This unique platform is the "boss" of food delivery templates. You can create a food delivery application according to your requirements or preference. It offers multiple layouts; you can choose the best among them. Some functionalities offered by this design are: 


  • Display product and product categories in different layouts

  • Multiple restaurants 

  • Order tracking and status 

  • Coupons and loyalty programs      

Are you planning to start start an online food delivery business? You must choose this design.

  • Ionic 3 Restaurant template   

It combines multiple unique techniques like Ionic 3, TypeScript, Angular 5, and Sass. Do you have a food-related venture (restaurants, bakeries, food stalls, etc.)? 

Do you want to create an app for it? Then you must not ignore this Ionic template. It offers loads of functionalities that can be used to create your own restaurant app.  

  • Yoga Guide App for Ionic

This is the perfect one for health and fitness-related apps. Clean, modern, easy-to-navigate, and eye-catchy, this is the perfect recipe for this category. You can enable your customers to practice yoga from the convenience of their homes and offices. What is included in this template? 

  • Sign-in and sign-up screen  

  • Profile 

  • Reminder alarms 

  • Explainer tutorials 

  • Save favorite poses  


With the help of this template, you can deliver the products and services of your business to fitness-minded individuals.  

  • Ionic 3 Hotel Reservation App

If you want to create an app for your hotel or chain of hotels, choose this template. Also, if you want to redesign existing apps, you can use this as a reference. People can search for hotels in a particular locality (due to Google Maps feature), check booking price, make the reservations, and ask for invoices. 

What are the other facilities offered by this design? 

  • Social login (Facebook, Google, etc.)

  • Robust admin panel 

  • PayPal and other payment options      


These are the top 9 templates that can be used to create Ionic apps for your business. However, there is still a lot, and it is not possible to include all of them. Only experts can help you select the best option for your business. 

So, what you have to do? You need to contact Ionic developers and discuss your project. Ask the right questions and check the pricing. If you are satisfied with it, proceed further. The developers will use the right framework to create the app for you. 

It would go through a series of testing to ensure it does not have any flaws or security risks. Your feedback will be collected, and moderations will be made accordingly. Then the app will be published on the app stores, ready to be downloaded. The experts will also offer maintenance and support services.

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