Tips That Would Keep Your WordPress Development Perfect All The Time

Published 1 year ago
Tips to make your WordPress Development flawless

Websites developed on WordPress gives you a cutting edge in the online market and boosts your online business to a great extent. Check these tips and remain confident in your website development avoiding the mistakes in the process. 

It is note-worthy that nearly one-third of the websites in the whole world is developed on WordPress. From complex product-rich sites like the New York Post, Sony, Time Inc. and NBC to small blog sites of an individual entity, WordPress stands to be the one & only site builder and Content Management System that gives its developers and users full freedom of free installation along with the most unique features. Since WordPress is one of the most sought after open-source CMS, most businesses are looking only for WordPress Development company in Australia.

In the process of hiring one such WordPress development Agency for your business you would come across numerous small and medium companies who may not be upto the mark in terms of performance. These below mentioned tips will help you keep a check whether your website development is going right.  

Checking on these few common mistakes, you can easily stop negative impacts from showing up on your website.

Usage of Weak Username: 

It is the task of WordPress to give you a very common and easy username by default while developing it, i.e. Admin. This is a fatal mistake one can make since this makes your website highly vulnerable to external threats and attacks. It becomes effortless for the hackers to brute force the password and enters your website to take control over it. In this case, an experienced Word Press Development services provider in Australia will avoid such usernames right at the time of installation and set a unique and new one for better security.

Themes and Plugins From Unauthorised Sources are a Big No-No:

While developing a website in WordPress, various themes and plugins are required. In this respect, the best option is to use the official website for WordPress or the official websites for themes and plugins. Some WordPress Development company tend to depend on various unauthorised sources which are not correct and needs a check.

Avoid any Hacked Version of the Premium Themes: 

Premium themes are always far better than the free ones. Every good thing comes with a hefty price tag, and the same is with premium themes. Herein the developers look for alternatives and get the hacked version for their use. It would be a wise stepping to check this and avoid using the hacked versions since it ensures no security and guarantees less perfection in functioning when it comes to professional WordPress Development services.

Placement of WordPress Theme and JavaScript File into One Primary File:

It is very likely for a WordPress Development to use premium theme with vast libraries using custom code in one single file namely main.js, theme.js or custom.js which should not be a practice. This will lead to developing large size files upto 1MB making the site slower to render and longer to download. Another difficulty that arises out of this mistake is the code management. Functions like unloading some of the codes for speed improvement or preventing a conflict with other JavaScript code, become way more complicated. Though the file can be queued in WordPress or split into multiple ones in future when the administrator needs to update of the main.js file, the whole process starts all over again.

Minimum or no use of Existing WordPress Core Functionalities:

Most WordPress Development company use premium development packages which comes with a suite of religiously updated themes and plugins. Mostly they keep using the core existing functionalities as much as possible. Still many are there who fail to use WordPress plugins and themes containing files in the assets directory available in the WordPress core files like jQuery or Color Picker. The libraries need to be updated regularly and leveraged since unique themes and plugins already update them by the core WordPress team.

Plugin or Theme not be Easy Enough to be Altered Through Actions & Filters:

Plugins and Themes that are not easy to alter through filters and actions should be avoided. Until the developer directly modifies and develops the code, it would be a wrong step to edit the WordPress plugin and theme. Any automatic update to the theme or the plugin will lose the changes made to the package and would require editing all over again. This is the reason why you need to check if the usage of filters and actions is done, and child theme is also created. This enables all sorts of modifications and alterations without affecting the parent theme or the plugin.

PHP Code is Written Without Considering the Caching Issues of the Page in Future:

When you are hiring a Website development agency, you should be sure that they are using the PHP coding standards mainly. Developers, even from some of the renowned Website Development companies in Australia, tend to implement PHP snippets into the themes and plugins which are valid only when the PHP code is kept triggered throughout the process.

Queued JavaScript & CSS Files Even when They are not Needed:

Another crucial point that you need to have an eye on is the enqueuing of JavaScript and CSS files. Several HTTP requests make the website load slower, leading to a lower score in the Google Page  Speed effecting the page ranking as well. This is another reason behind Java Script errors caused by a conflict between plugins. Poor written themes and plugins need to be rectified or replaced.   

Inappropriate Architecture for the WordPress Plugins & Themes:

While hiring a developer for your WordPress website, it should be made clear that the right code organisation and the correct architecture is used. It should also be kept into consideration that if the plugin that the developer is choosing is a feature-rich plugin with a number of codes, then only an OOP coding approach will be a better choice. Also, keep a note that the PHP and the HTML code cannot be mixed rather its worthy of keeping separated with the use of MVC pattern of plugins and themes.

To err is human, but we should be alert and rectify them on time. Last but not least, constant improvement and upgradation should be improvised to make the investment on website cost-effective. To avoid such mistakes it is always advisable to hire from among the most renowned WordPress Development companies in Australia.

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