OpenCart For eCommerce Development: The Good And The Bad

Published 1 year ago


OpenCart is considered one of the highly customizable eCommerce development platforms. It is an open-source platform with many additional features. Talk to an expert on how to leverage this platform for your business's benefit.


What Is OpenCart?


OpenCart is a free, open-source platform used for generating eCommerce websites. These websites allow customers to engage in activities like buying products. An eCommerce website with imminent features can provide scalability to the business.
These stores look professional and edgy to create a stir among the eCommerce audience. OpenCart has a far more stylish appearance than ever. In addition, it is easy to use. The admin provides an array of features, including support for over 20 different processes and payments.


What Does OpenCart Offer To Users?


If you are thinking of starting your store, you can start it for free using the OpenCart platform. Just ask opencart developers about it. But every product has benefits as well as disadvantages. So, you need to have a closer look at those points. Opencart is built on PHP, and the MVC system of the OpenCart makes it easy to understand and follow. So, business owners can devise their store as they desire.


Advantages Of Using OpenCart :


Let's talk first about the advantages of using OpenCart to build a website. Here we set off-

  • OpenCart is free and open-source
  • It has a huge community of users and developers who are actively developing it 
  • Simplistic coding 
  • Preferred shipping method
  • Several payment gateway options 
  • Easy online store management
  • A complete solution of reports and metrics
  • OpenCart module is simple
  • OpenCart can help in creating an international presence
  • It is 100% reliable to use
  • Add-ons in OpenCart are free
  • It is fast and good for community shopping
  • It has lots of modules and themes

The platform can boast of a huge community, and a dedicated tech support team, both excellent reasons for choosing OpenCart, any time, any day. Since OpenCart is simple, user-friendly, with flexible payment options, OpenCart provides options for an unlimited number of categories and subcategories during product listing.


OpenCart Comes From A Single Interface :


If you are planning on expanding the business internationally, you can leverage the unique advantages of this platform and that too with just a little effort. OpenCart supports multi-store functionality that leaves you to stay connected to all your stores. In addition, OpenCart comes with an amazing interface with multiple functionalities to helps owners set products for different stores. They can also use different themes for each store.


More Than 13k+ Themes And Designs :


Perhaps you don't like a particular design after the final product. You would like to change it, no problem; you will get more than 13k+ themes and designs to help you design your websites. This is why experts have always voted for OpenCart to be highly extendable and customizable.



You don't have to spend a lot on development costs while using this platform.


Disadvantages Of Using The OpenCart Platform :


Everything has its pros and cons, and OpenCart is also not an exception. 
Let's now discuss the cons that OpenCart users may experience while using it. We have collected these points from the reviews of current users. So here we set off with the disadvantages.

  • OpenCart is not always easy to customize
  • It has limited built-in marketing features
  • It is fast but not the fastest solution
  • It has a self-hosted nature
  • The user remains in charge of hosting, development, maintenance
  • There is no good hook system in OpenCart
  • Creates canonization issues during SEO optimization
  • Alternative installation doesn’t always work
  • It isn't easy to import inventory lists
  • Users are not permitted to use it without plugins
  • OpenCart offers a slow checkout experience
  • OpenCart is a lightweight system
  • In some cases, users are not pleased with the scalability it has to offer
  • Some say that OpenCart deserves a better look

The pros and cons of OpenCart reflect that it is an easy system to install, integrate and use. However, if we are going by a simplicity standpoint, there is no better option than OpenCart. Therefore, OpenCart deserves better reviews.


OpenCart Is One Of The Top Choices :


Why? Because it is transparent in its activities. And business owners prefer a transparent platform like OpenCart to develop eCommerce websites. The self-hosted feature makes it one of the large marketplaces of themes, gateways, plugins, and even more, but it also offers some serious downfalls.

With OpenCart, you can prepare your business for an international eCommerce audience. OpenCart makes it easy to incorporate different features, supports multiple languages for this exact purpose. Not to mention, there are options for massive customization. It also allows you to note the product names, services, characteristics of these services in different languages.


You will need an expert opinion about opencart website development. My Programmers and its team of professionals is the perfect choice for that. They can design a perfect website with OpenCart as the base after you discuss the requirements.


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