Mobile App Development Process In 2021 – 5 Stages Of App Development

Published 5 months ago


If time-to-market is the priority, you should use an agile development approach. The approach supports the frequent software update releases with the completed functions.


Developing a successful mobile app reflects the business idea you have to target the audiences. It does require a great deal of effort and a significant amount of time to do the app development. Most people reckon that App Development Services is all about choosing the right technology stack and hiring the right mobile app development company in Australia.

In this blog, we provide the complete phases of the procedure of mobile app development, which will guide you throughout the development journey.

Researching :


You may already have plenty of ideas for a mobile app for your business, yet it is still good to dig deeper into the overlooking demographic demands of your targeted audiences. The vital thing that covers up the mobile app development procedure phase is not overlooking your competitors.


Wireframing :


It gives a clear idea of understanding your app’s functionalities, and thus, it is a crucial phase. Draw the detailed sketches of the products you want to build to reveal the usability problems beforehand. Wireframing helps to narrow down the ideas and organize all the apps designing components correctly. It is the stage that identifies how you are planned with the features that would blend into the fully functional mobile apps. The prime focus must be on delivering an excellent customer experience by simplifying the roadmap.


You Are Evaluating Technical Feasibility :


After having sound knowledge of the visuals, it is time to focus on the backend of the system. So, in this phase of the mobile app development procedure, you will have to check if the backend systems will be capable of supporting the app functionality or not. You can figure out the technical feasibility of the app’s idea, access the public data by sourcing the public application which helps in integrating application programming interfaces (APIs). You will need to understand that the app with the different formats and platforms may not have the same needs. By the end of this stage, you will have ideas for your app’s functionality.


Prototyping :


It helps to determine if you are moving in the right direction or not. It is understandable if you can’t fully deliver the experience to let the users know about the app’s working and functioning without developing it completely. So, it is important to create a prototype that conveys the app’s concept to your targeted audience to verify how it works. You may allow your stakeholder to have the first look at your app and use the prototype to deliver their feedback about it.


Designing And Developing :


UI and UX are the two vital components of your mobile app designing. The former is responsible for the look and appeal of your app, and the latter facilitates the interaction between the design elements. While doing the design for your mobile app, the two primary considerations will be your project’s budget and scope. The time required for the design can’t be specified as it might take few hours to few days. Another fact which impacts your app designing time is the experience of the developers from your app development service provider. This multistep procedure needs to be done carefully to ensure that the outcome provides a clear vision of your business idea.


In general, the developing phase of the app development procedure starts at the very initial stages. Right after you had finalized the app idea, the developer needs to develop the prototype to authenticate the features and the functionalities. At this stage, the development flourishes to the fullest. After marking the 1st section bug-free, the development team moves further. It is good to opt for the agile methodology.


You should start with researching, wireframing, technical feasibility assessment, prototyping, designing, and development, and do the final release to successfully launch the app. If you are new to this field and don’t have the idea of development, then do reach out to a custom mobile app development company with the specific app requirement. You may also hire mobile app developers for the same.


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