Learn everything about WooCommerce: A detailed guide

Published 1 year ago


WooCommerce is a well-known WordPress platform, and it has powered a lot of eCommerce websites. Why is it the right choice for your business? Find out.

“I want to start an eCommerce website for my business, but I don’t know which platform to choose.” Do you have this exact question in mind? Well, you are not alone. Also, there are a lot of tools to develop an eCommerce site. But what will be the perfect one for your business? Decisions, decisions, what to do? 

This article is aimed to help out people like you. Here, you will learn what is WooCommerce, and why is it so popular? Woocommerce is an open-source and free WordPress plugin offered by Automatic. It was introduced way back in 2011 and has been constantly updated throughout the years. 

If you already have a WordPress website, you can turn it into an eCommerce store. Or, you can choose to develop an eCommerce site from scratch, using this tool. But before that, let's have a quick look at the graph. Nearly 42% of the total eCommerce websites are made with this tool. 

If you want a WooCommerce site, contact the Best WooCommerce Development Company In Australia. Now, let’s take a look at the reasons. First, it is an open-source platform, thus making it the perfect choice for small businesses. 

This platform contains a lot of plug-ins, which can be used to customize the site. It is essential to choose a plug-in according to your business requirements. So, you can control the overall look and aesthetic appearance of your store. 

As mentioned above, it is an open-source platform, which means developers can use it to develop customized extensions and plug-ins. Second, WooCommerce is very easy-to-install and use. For that, you have to install WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. 

If you want to set up a store, you can take help from the platform's guided tour. On the other hand, you can ask experts to do it for you. Online stores do not need any license, unlike physical stores. And with WooCommerce, it is quite easy to do so. You can host the site on any server (your choice), by paying minimal charges. This is another reason behind the popularity of the WooCommerce platform. Online visibility is the main criterion of success for any business. If you are a fan of a technical term, it is better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

It can be used to make the content more SEO-friendly, thus driving more traffic to the website. Also, it would ensure that your site is getting enough engagement from the viewers. WooCommerce allows you to manage and analyze the site to increase the site’s SEO rankings. It is made possible with a plug-in like Yoast WooCommerce SEO. 

While using a platform, you should consider its security. In this aspect, WooCommerce is ranked at the top. Experts are working on the platform constantly working on the vulnerabilities and coming up with ways to fix them. It is quite easy to update it, too, with just one click. 

The platform is faster, and developers are always working on it, to make it better, efficient, and faster. Online eCommerce websites collect payment from their customers, and your site will be no exception to that. However, your site must be compliant with PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). With WooCommerce, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Your customers’ information will be protected against all security issues and scams. This platform comes with inbuilt analytics, and you can check customer and sales information from the site. You can add other analytical solutions like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, and Hotjar too. 

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Dynamic product ads are known to draw more customers than static ones. These ads can be placed on Facebook NewsFeed, email boxes, and the website. Sometimes, people can leave your website without purchasing anything (it's quite normal than you would think). 

Maybe they did not find what they are looking for. Or, the products are priced higher on your site. Whatever may be the case, you can make some changes and retarget them. You can send emails with dynamic ads to them, and ask them to return to your website. 

WooCommerce is quite time-efficient and cost-effective too. So, all in all, there are many benefits of using WooCommerce for your website. However, some businesses may not be suitable for this platform. If your business falls into this category, you must choose another tool. 

There's quite a bit of hype around Magento. If you are looking for the right development company, you can refer to this guide. While looking for a company, consider seeing its technical experience and expertise. 

The developers must be well-trained and aware of the latest technologies and how to use them. Next, check out the portfolio of the company to see their skillset in action. Also, it can help you decide whether it is the best choice for your business or not. 

You must look at the company's reputation by looking at the testimonials and reviews provided on the website. You can ask other people about their experience. It will help you decide how the company behaves with its customers. 

If the company offers an excellent customer experience, it is the best choice for a business. Also, you should choose a company that offers cost-effective and time-efficient services. My Programmers is a company, you can consider for your business. 

The experts of this company are aware of how to choose the best platform for your business. You can consult with the experts with your idea, and ask them for their opinions. 

They can tell you whether the idea is excellent or not. If needed, they can recommend some changes to it as well. After the meeting, the developers will get to work. They will provide a rough sketch to see your reaction if you are satisfied, then the work will proceed further. 

If you are not, the necessary changes will be made, and then the final result will be shown. Do you want to discuss the workflow, or perhaps schedule a meeting? Send an email to them regarding your queries.

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