Latest Trends In Mobile App Development In 2021: A Preview

Published 1 year ago


Mobile and web development comprises several trends that are ever-changing. Here are some of the current trends you need to be aware of before approaching an IT company.

A business cannot survive in today’s competitive market without having digital products (websites or apps). Some businesses may require a website or an app, and some may require both. However, just having digital products will never be enough.

If they are not developed following the current trends, they won't catch the users' attention. And if this happens, a business cannot get enough revenue or profits.

According to a mobile app development company Australia, these are the latest mobile and app development trends we need to watch out for: 

IoT (Internet of Things) Apps :

Internet-based devices are everywhere, and they are the base of modern internet users. These apps allow users to control their environment with a simple touch or tap. This technology is evident in both industries and residential areas. IoT offers the option of controlling things remotely by sharing data among interconnected devices.

Smart home technology is one of the prime examples where IoT is conveniently used for mobile app development. People can control their home settings automatically using remote devices. This offers maximum convenience and comfort to users, and people love these apps for this reason.

Some of the options that developers can use for the future are as follows:

  • IoT-based healthcare apps
  • IoT-based automobile apps (designed for automobile apps)
  • Apps for smart homes and cities
  • Apps that use a combination of IoT, and AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Instant Apps :

Instant apps are apps that are quite popular among both developers and users. Users can check out how a particular app or game works and if they want to use that app.

They can check these apps without installing them, which means they won't occupy the device's storage. Also, these applications must have a friendly User Interface (UI) and UX (User Experience).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) :

AI is a common technology used for the development of both apps and websites. AI is used in websites in chatbots and virtual assistants to offer a personalized and customized experience to users.

Chatbots can engage with customers after going through the collected data (collected via different means of engagement). From this data, the bots can identify the problem and its relevant solution. This can help businesses to prevent procrastination and offer excellent services.

AI can be used in apps to offer a dedicated service to users. Some features that can be provided are:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Cognitive Intelligence
  • AI With IoT
  • AI Powered Face Unlock
  • Voice And Language Translations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Adaptive Battery
  • Prediction Of User Behavior
  • AI With IoT

AI can be used to create apps for eCommerce websites, healthcare, and travel and tourism industries.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality :

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are the core concepts behind advanced games (be it apps or websites). AR can put virtual objects in the actual reality, thus encompassing a different concept altogether.

These technologies can be used for motion tracking and environmental studies. Apart from that, Mixed Reality (MR) can revolutionize how people use social media applications. As per the opinion of the experts of a mobile app development company, this technology can be used to create enhanced apps or mobile-friendly websites. Some future applications are as follows:

  • AR based user manual
  • VR based simulations, live music, and concerts
  • Visual learning
  • Navigation and exploration
  • Enterprise mobile applications

Enterprise mobile applications are the best option for businesses, and it is quite popular among business owners. These apps are quite different from regular ones, and they can play a crucial role in boosting a company’s productivity, employee morale, and improved ROI (Return on Investment).

The mobile app development company can create these applications according to a business's requirements. As mentioned earlier, a business can streamline its operations and efficiently improve the quality of its services.

Beacon :

This technology has been a staple for mobile app development for quite some time. Beacon technology is a part of eCommerce apps. These apps communicate with customer's devices (via Bluetooth connectivity). This technology can be used to navigate online stores, product information, and offer information about discounts. Some of the Beacon-based apps that are used by corporate entities are Macy, Walmart, Alex, Levi, etc.

Folding Apps :

Last, but not the least, folding apps are the future, as mobile devices are coming in foldable variations. As these foldable devices are becoming popular, demand for such apps is increasing continuously.

These are the latest web development and app development trends. Other trends that follow suit include cloud technology, Blockchain, accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), and geolocation-based apps and websites.


A business can benefit from having websites and apps. To sum it up, here are some key points:

  • It allows businesses to offer valuable services to customers.
  • It can help businesses to create brand awareness and a strong reputation.
  • It allows companies to connect with customers and get profits and revenues.


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