Is Magento 2 Worth the Hype? A Developer’s Point Of View

Published 2 years ago
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We all know how Magento has wholly changed the sector of eCommerce development. Now, even a better version of Magento is here, Magento 2. Why do we say better? Because people faced a few problems while using Magento 1. The latest version of Magento overcomes these issues.

If you are still debating whether to migrate or not, let us help you with that. First of all, Magento 2 is build using PHP 5.5 and 5.6 and is compatible with higher versions of the language too. This makes Magento a lot faster than before. Not only that, but HTML5 and CSS are also updated to increase the functionality of the eCommerce site.

According to a research, the attention span of a website visitor is less than 8 seconds. It is even lower for eCommerce sites. People won't visit those sites, which takes more than 4 seconds to load. They would leave it and visit a competitor’s site. This should not happen at any cost, and Magento 2 ensures that.

Also, this platform ensures that consumers can have a streamlined checkout experience. Consumers can checkout without even registering at the last moment. Experts of the top magento development company in Australia say Magento 2 can identify registered buyers after verifying the email addresses.

The backend of this platform is incredibly robust and easy-to-use. With Magento 1, one of the common complaints was poor navigation of the admin panel. The main reason behind it is the clunkiness of the board. The latest version of the platform removes this obstacle.

Another significant advancement is the architecture of Magento 1. Store owners have complained about it in the past. So, different technologies are added in the second version to improve the architecture. These technologies are:

  • Support for latest PHP versions (Symphony can be used to take control and design the store according to the store owner’s wish)
  • Similarly, NGINX web server can be used as a load balancer, reverse proxy, and HTTP cache for PHP
  • Composer tool is added to use third-party libraries without causing any problems or conflicts.     
  • Allows better browser caching, especially for static content
  • Reduces browser operations on the client’s side
  • Aside from that, two additional tools are also integrated. These are Varnish and Redis.
  • The Varnish is used to increase the speed of the application, i.e., eCommerce sites.
  • Redis is an open-source memory-based data structure that can be used as a cache and a message broker.

These additions play a crucial role in making Magento 2 a better choice for web developers. Nowadays, mobile-friendly websites are the number one in the popularity list. Why? Because people are using smartphones and handheld devices to visit eCommerce sites.

Magento 2 ensures that the sites developed using this platform will be absolutely mobile-friendly. If you want to build a PWA (Progressive Web App), Magento 2 will be the ideal choice.

Sometimes, developers need to use a lot of third-party APIs. To use these APIs, they must be integrated externally, or custom development is required. With Magento 2, third-party APIs are embedded within the platform.

People visiting eCommerce sites want to have multiple payment options. Some of them may not want to pay cash or use cards. Or they may prefer to use other payment modes. While using Magento 1, developers have to add these payment gateways manually.

But, this is not the case with Magento 2, as most of them are automatically added. Magento Development Services can make a site a lot reliable and safe. Also, the privacy of the site will be enhanced to a significant extent.

If you have used Magento 1, you must have experienced problems while using third-party extensions. But, you will not face these issues while using Magento 2. A question you might have in your mind, "what about customer support?" You will get an unparalleled customer support service if you are using Magento 2 Enterprise Edition or Cloud Edition. But according to the Magento Development agency, this feature will not be available in Magento Open Source. If you are using the Community Editions, you don't have to pay any cost. But the prices of Enterprise editions of both versions vary to a significant extent.

A side note: Magento 1 will be unavailable after June 2020. So, it’s best to migrate to the latest version as soon as possible. Now you know the top reasons to choose Magento as an eCommerce development platform.

If you want to migrate to the latest version, and don't have an idea of where to start, we can help you. Visit us with your plan, and we will do everything to help you out. Do you want to leverage all the benefits of the latest version of Magento? Schedule a meeting with the experts as soon as possible.


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