Ionic Mobile Apps: A Perfect Union Between Android And IOS

Published 2 years ago
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The first-ever mobile app for smartphones was launched way back in 1993 by IBM. Since then, mobile app development has gone through a lot of changes. The newest trend is hybrid or cross-platform apps. These apps can run on both Android and iOS devices.

Businesses, nowadays, are focusing on developing such apps to tap into a wider market. Also, it can help companies to cut down development costs. Different frameworks are used to create such apps. One of those frameworks is Ionic.

What is it? It is a framework or UI (User Interface) that can be used to develop desktop and cross-platform apps that are exceptionally powerful. The best mobile app development company in Australia uses this platform for various reasons.

It consists of Angular, a popular framework that can be used to develop apps. Also, it can help developers to bind data dynamically. While developing mobile apps, plug-ins can be of great assistance.

Angular consists of CSS and JavaScript, and both of them are used to design various components like buttons, menus, etc. The designers can choose from a wide range of themes, layouts, and colors and use them accordingly. The resultant will be beautiful and creative.      

The plug-ins can be used to develop customized apps according to the requirements of a client. The same thing can be said about Ionic apps. This framework uses Cordova plug-ins. Using these, a developer can access some OS (Operating System) features like Camera, Battery, Geolocation, etc.                        

This framework is open-source and free, that is a big plus for developers and businesses. If you are a start-up and don't have enough money in your budget, you can choose Ionic. Despite being an open-source platform, Ionic offers unparalleled stability and reliability.

Ionic follows OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) concept so that the code can be reused multiple times. So, developers don't have to write codes continuously, thus saving a lot of time.

As mentioned earlier, Ionic can be used to develop cross-platform mobile apps. If you are planning to start with one platform (suppose Android or iOS), then branch out, Ionic will be the ideal choice. Ionic offers scalability, like no other.

In a mobile app development agency, the app development procedure starts with planning and developing a blueprint. Then appropriate tools and programming languages are chosen, and developers get to work. However, the process does not end there.

The third step is testing. Developers often joke that they have to do testing, testing, and then some more testing. These tests are done to ensure that these apps are free from bugs. If the apps crash or become unresponsive, then appropriate measures are taken.

On the other hand, if these apps perform superbly, and it is secure against attacks, then it is good news. In the Ionic platform, this testing is done with ease, without any issues. After the tests are successful, these apps are launched in app stores (Android or iOS).

Sometimes, developers can face some issues while developing customized mobile apps. It's not an unusual event, after all. So, if they do get stuck at some point, they can ask for help from the online community.

Ionic’s online community consists of veteran coders and programmers, who are ready to help you out. Also, you can refer to online and offline materials. Using ionic can help you save time, money, resources, and effort. You can invest these resources elsewhere.

So, now you know why mobile app development services choose this platform over others. It's used to create powerful apps, with futuristic features and functionality. The usability, navigability of an Ionic app is unquestionable. So, if you want to gain a little edge over customers, keep two things in mind.

One, you must have an app idea, which is in-demand and practically feasible. Second, try to get your apps developed in the Ionic framework. By doing that, you can be the next big name in the market with customized mobile apps. Do you need Ionic apps for your business? Then you must contact My Programmers. At My Programmers, we have a team of experienced developers and designers with knowledge in Ionic framework.

We will deliver the exact app you have been looking for. Our experts know about the latest trends in mobile app development, and they can guide you in the matter. They understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in every case.

Different businesses have different requirements, so the same technique may not be applicable at all. Our experts will listen to your specifications, develop a blueprint, and start developing the app. You will be in the loop in each step, and your opinion matters to us.

We don’t charge any hidden costs, so there’s that. Also, we will deliver the job within time. But wait, it does not end there. We provide after-sales maintenance and technical support, just in case, you may need it. So, why are you waiting? Contact us as soon as possible.           


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