How To Migrate An App To The Cloud? A checklist

Published 1 year ago


According to experts, migration to the cloud is a must for every business. How to do that? What are the protocols to follow before doing that? Read this blog to learn more about it.


In today's world, we all know about the cloud and its various facilities. However, not all of us, even companies, were keen on it. However, last year it has a changed a lot. A company mostly stores all the files and applications on the device or the local server.

Should you migrate these to the cloud or not? This is a question that might plague you. So, you need to have access to all the information before making any decision.

  • First, let’s learn if there’s any benefit of migrating to this system. According to experts who develop mobile app, the cloud offers a sense of flexibility and scalability. Developers can add different modules to increase its functionality and deal with heavy traffic inflow during peak hours.
  • Second, migrating to the cloud can offer a degree of reliability, reducing downtime and data loss. It can ensure that these apps remain available for maximum time. If a person encounters any problem, cloud operators can offer backup and disaster recovery services at those times.
  • Third, it can also ensure that the apps are accessible for people situated at every corner of the world. Apart from that, it can save some time and money for the organization.


Cloud comes in three different forms; public, private, and hybrid. A public cloud does not cost much, and it offers a high degree of scalability and flexibility. However, there are limitations to using this platform, such as a lack of security protocols.

On the other hand, private cloud offers secure solutions, extends customizability, and protects the privacy of these applications. Of course, its cost is a factor that needs consideration, and it does not provide any technical assistance.

Hybrid cloud is the best option out of the three; however, it may suffer from compatibility issues. Also, people think that this option is quite difficult to implement too.

Before you move your application to the cloud, a company offering android development Australia must follow some steps. What are those steps? Let’s take a look. 

  • Check Corporate Infrastructure :

    It's never a good idea to migrate all these applications into the cloud. First, you need to assess the present infrastructure and the areas that need improvement. Check if the company is ready to move fully or partially to the cloud or not. Then these experts will choose those applications that should be migrated to the cloud during the initial stage.

  • Choose A Migration Plan :

    After analyzing the infrastructure, the best mobile app development companies in Australia need to settle on a cloud migration plan. This plan will be different, from one company to another. Ask experts to pick a plan that best suits your needs.

    They will tell you in detail about the process and the expected timeline to make this migration happen. Of course, a business can choose to deviate from this plan in the long run. However, this is an idea of how a company can approach cloud migration in the first place.

  • Check For Security Hazards :

    Of course, the cloud offers a level of security, unlike any other application. However, one should check if a cloud solution comes with any security issues or not. A company should always check for a solution that offers maximum security to users and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Check For Compliance :

    While focusing on cloud migration, you need to ensure that the company follows all related protocols, like PCI (Payment Card Interface) or related ones. This will ensure that the data is not leaked to the wrong people. So, while going this route, a company must choose a reliable service provider.

  • Check Costs :

    A business should never make a move without considering its costs. The business should check both operational and storage processes. Consult a vendor that can tell you an estimate a company has to bear when the application has its downtime while getting them moved to the cloud. Also, check if the vendor is charging any extra or hidden charges or not.

  • Time To Migrate :

    After checking all the above points, a company should start making the preparations for the transfer. Tell your team members about the procedure and how that will impact overall efficiency.


These are the steps a company should follow before migrating all these applications to the cloud.

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