How To Choose A Reliable Android Application Development Company In Australia

Published 1 year ago
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The following blog lists the various metrics that make an android development company reliable and helps you choose the ideal one for your own app development. 

Even though iPhones prevalently dominate Australia, Android phones have been going off the shelf at a breakneck speed. This is perhaps due to the extensive range and price point available in Android phones. Thus, developing android apps for a phone is becoming an increasingly vital avenue to tap into. Whether its retail stores or restaurants, more and more businesses have started investing in robust android apps to attract customers. If you are part of the population willing to benefit from this trend, it is vital to choose a company that is reliable and economical.

In case you are unsure regarding your app development company, here are a few metrics that can help you solidify your choice:

Understand the Requirements of Your Android Application

Before choosing a suitable company to get android app development services from, you need to consolidate the features you require in your app. Not all apps perform similarly or have similar characteristics. For example, Android applications can be a native or hybrid app. To decide, it is vital to read through various types of Android apps available in the market and then compile the features that would boost your business. Outlining your requirements clearly will help the programmer build your app faster and according to your desire.

Peruse Through Their Portfolio

A portfolio can give you a basic idea regarding the functionality, skills, and flexibility of the android app development agency Australia. If you are developing your app to cater to a particular industry, a glimpse into their past project can show their experience in that specific field. Their previous app is an excellent place to gauge their developmental skills, including their grasp on UI/UX, app design, methodology, SEO, graphics, speed, and performance. A company with a significant number of functioning apps is always preferable over one without them.

Focus on Their Communication Channels

Quick and efficient development of apps needs seamless communication between the developers and the clients. The client must be updated through all stages of development from the design until the app launches in the store. Without proper communication, there might be cases where the developers have to come back and change certain parts to fit the client's image. So, when choosing a reliable company, verifying, their communication details can be a crucial step. An app development agency that has multiple communication channels, including calls, emails, messages, skype, etc. indicates that they focus on providing the best customer service.

Verify Their Post-Development Maintenance and Support Services

A trustworthy company provides clear guidelines regarding their post-development maintenance and support facilities along with the android app development services. Regular maintenance ensures that the app retains its longevity and fluidity throughout the years. Developing an app is a costly investment, and having one that doesn't last long is a severe waste of resources. Post-development services include checking for any bugs, upgrading the software in tune to be compatible with the latest technology as well as data security checks. The customer support of a company should provide multiple channels to reach out as well as clear criteria for warranty services.

Examine Their NDA and Confidentiality Policies

Plagiarism and data theft are a common issue faced by numerous businesses in the modern days. That is why it's necessary to review the non-disclosure agreements and privacy guidelines given by the company before commissioning them with your app. With the gradual saturation of the market, a unique idea can be a valuable asset for many.  Strict security guidelines ensure that your idea of the app does not leak to any third party. Similarly, the app development agency should also ensure that your customer data is secured tightly. There should be adequate measures out in place, so there is no leak of data to any third party.

Assess the Technical Skills and Certifications of Their Developers

Most Android app companies offer you the option to check the credentials of your developers beforehand. To gauge their expertise to develop your app, you can focus on their grasp of these particular skills -

  • Their knowledge of an open-source platform like Android
  • Their familiarity with multiple front-end and back-end programming languages, including C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.
  • Their skills in making the UI user-friendly and intuitive
  • Application of design software like Adobe Photoshop
  • Proficiency with developmental tools like Bootstrap, GitHub, SaaS, etc.

A company's strength depends on the capabilities of the team members as a whole. A reputable company would have employees with their particular expertise situated in their own departments working together to build the app. The developers should be updated with the latest technology as well as the most wanted trend among Android users.

Review Their Quality Assessment and Testing Procedure

A thorough quality assessment and testing procedure make sure that your app does not glitch when it is launched into the store. A quality assessment should include going over the coding, UX features, and all the additional functions to ensure all of them work up to their mark. Testing can also bring out an error in codes and bugs that the programmers can fix before the final launch. A testing method should take into account how the app functions in different situations, such as low data or excess traffic. Without proper QA, an app might fail to run and has to be taken down from the store to repair it. This could lead to the loss of customers and revenue in turn.

Check Their Reviews and Ratings

Review and ratings give you the viewpoint of the previous and current clients of the company regarding the developed apps. These reviews and ratings can be found on both the app development agency website or on third-party review sites. The ones on the websites can be found under testimonials. Meanwhile, the third party generally shows the customer ratings when searched by the company's name. For a thorough analysis, one needs to go through both the positive and the negative reviews.

Utilizing the checkpoints mentioned above, you can access the various companies that fall within your budget and avenue. With a properly developed app, your business can achieve exponential growth and popularity in Australia. Using the metrics, narrow down the companies, and then you can easily choose one that seems the most appropriate for your needs.

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