How To Choose A PHP Development Company In Australia?

Published 1 year ago
Are you choosing the best PHP development company


This blog lists the various factors that can be used to choose a reliable and fitting PHP development company in Australia.

When it comes to developing an attractive and user-friendly website, there is hardly any competitor of PHP. This scripting language is the most widely used programming language in web development across the globe. If you are thinking of developing your website, you might be looking for a PHP development agency in Australia. When it comes to Australia, there is no shortage of PHP development companies both in local or offshore sectors. So how will you know which one is best for you? To solve these, we have compiled a list of factors that you can use when comparing two companies. 

Go Through the Company’s Portfolio

A portfolio works as a study of a PHP development company's work ethic and flexibility. It can show the company's attitude regarding the standard of their projects, area of expertise, types of projects they handle, their grasp on the latest technologies, etc. You can assess the extent and scope of their PHP developmental work. Other than the technical aspects, a portfolio enables you to verify the claims made by the company regarding their work skills. By perusing the portfolio thoroughly, you can decide whether the company is suitable for the industry vertical of your app.

Check the Company Website

The second thing you must do after checking their portfolio is to visit the company website. A website acts as direct communication between the company and the clients. It shows their work style as well as the brand of the company. If a company is excellent in their PHP skills, it will show in the way their website is developed. A website is a good point if you want to compare multiple PHP companies. Few common aspects that you should check are the functionality, graphics, SEO, content animations, features, etc. A superior company knows how to utilize their resource to make its website alluring and user friendly.

Read the Reviews and Testimonials

A customer's voice is always the best when it comes to judging the company's abilities. And one of the popular ways for the past clients to assert their opinions is through testimonials and reviews. It is crucial to consider both positive and negative feedback. A majority of positive feedback is an assurance that the PHP development services offered are of high quality. The negative can reveal any fundamental flaws a company might have. One should read the testimonials both from the company's own website as well as reviews from other third-party review sites.  

Inquire About the Methodologies

Enquiring about the methodologies of a company is a vital step before choosing them. The method of the PHP development agency will help you understand their work approach and style. Every company has a specific plan they take when working on projects. These include the different stages as well as the milestones. Through their methodology, you can gauge the whole work process and developmental cycle of the company. A reliable company often uses the latest and updated versions of PHP frameworks as well as JavaScript.

Look at the Technical Expertise

The technical skills of a company are directly dependent on its employees. For the best PHP development, it is essential to gauge the experience and capabilities of the development team. Few of the crucial spheres that the software engineers should be proficient in includes -

  • Robust knowledge of the PHP framework
  • Experience with multiple side scripting languages like HTML, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Efficiency in the database technology PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Other web developing technologies like Zend, jQuery, AJAX

Technical expertise includes their standards for quality assessment and multiple levels of testing. They should be able to fix errors and bugs even after the launch of the website.

Experience is an Essential Factor

Experience is the foundation of both the company and its employees. The reliability of a company can be considered proportional to the years of experience. When choosing a PHP development agency for yourself, it is also recommended that you choose one with at least a few years of experience.  More experience makes them more prone to be able to develop different types of websites. They are also more likely to solve various obstacles arising during the development. Furthermore, years of experience means more client reviews and ratings to rely on.

Discuss the Channels for Communication

Communication is a crucial part of the development process right from the first design stage to the launch of the website. A superior company would have multiple communication channels open for contact, including emails, messaging, calls, or Skype. A company providing lousy customer service is not worth choosing. You can easily verify the company's customer support by reading various testimonials and reviews. Customer service, therefore, should be one of the preliminary aspects of any company that you should check.

Decide on the Location of the Company

The location of the company is something to be considered when choosing an ideal PHP development company. Both the local and offshore companies have their own upsides and downsides. For a local company, you have the same cultural experience and the understanding as of the people. But regional development is often drastically more expensive. Offshore companies, on the other hand, are much cheaper and viable. The only downside is the different time zones as well as the necessity of online communication.

Ask for the Questionnaire

A questionnaire is an excellent method to judge the ability and customer service of a company. A reliable company will always provide their clients with a Questionnaire where you need to fill in various information, including business details, your requirements, expectations, etc. It helps the company get a basic idea regarding your business and needs. The inquiry also has sections where you can ask the company questions to clear your doubts regarding them. This activity provides an excellent method of information exchange and builds a basic level of trust and understanding between the company and the client.

The above-mentioned factors are some of the checks you must go through before choosing your PHP development company since websites are a long term as well as an expensive investment, selecting a company to develop it requires careful consideration.

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