How Can You Get An Amazing Mobile App For Your OpenCart Store?

Published 3 months ago


The mobile app market is highly trending nowadays. So if you are thinking of starting an online business through the mobile app using OpenCart store, it is a good choice. But before starting a business, you need to know the features required.


One of the largest platforms which cater to many online sellers is OpenCart. an app development agency will help clients to create an app for their businesses using the OpenCart store.

Now a question arises what is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an online platform which allows its users to set up an online store to sell goods, and it also lets businesses organize, sell goods, and accept payments for the same in a simplified manner.

Why have a mobile app?

The most important reason to build a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty because a mobile app allows a business to communicate with its customer directly. Ads, promotions, In-app purchases, etc., have a greater impact on the customer than roadside banners, email marketing, and social media ads.

Build your mobile eCommerce app in Android or iOS by converting your OpenCart store into that app. The mobile app developers make innovative mobile eCommerce app. So you can take help from them. They can give you some tips which will help you to save yourself from the trouble that may come during app development, designing, and testing. They can also help you to create a full-fledged OpenCart mobile eCommerce app for your existing online store or a stand-alone eCommerce app instantly.

Features required to create an amazing mobile app for the OpenCart store are listed below-



User-Centric Features :


  • Loyalty and Rewards- First and foremost you need to create an OpenCart mobile app which can turn shopping into a rewarding chore for customers with in-built loyalty and reward schemes. It will make the app easy to build customer engagement and strengthen its market position.
  • Store Locator- Enable geolocation on your app to guide the customers to the nearest store. You can create an OpenCart mobile app which can reward a complete Omnichannel shopping experience for customers.
  • Push Notifications- Allow push notification on the app in order to connect with the customers on a deeper level which will alert them about the ongoing offers, tailor-made deals, personalized texts, flyers shot to select customers through your app in Android or iOS.
  • Multilingual- These features should be provided in the app so that the theme in the app can be translated into any language which the customer will speak. It is necessary because there should not be any language barriers to sales volumes.


Admin Panel Features :


  • Mobile App Experience- A mobile app development company in Australia makes maximum use of mobile app experience which OpenCart can deliver. You have to make a mobile app which is fast, crisp, and razor-sharp in performance.
  • Deep Linking- The app should have deep linking so that starting from search engine results to direct product landing pages, it can guide customers straight to checkout without losing them in the middle.
  • Payment Integrations- There should not be multiple payment integrations because it takes out the customer's difficulty in processing in multiple nodes.
  • Multiple Promotions- You must deal with corners, festive discounts, and several promotional strategies which will help you to build conversation easily and effortlessly.


Other Features :


  • Showcase Your Products On Mobile – Allow your app to display the products with high-resolution images and multiple images in a clean tile format.
  • No Additional Configuration Required - Works with your existing website & payment gateway in your app; no special configuration is required.
  • Cross-Platform – You must make the mobile app for Android and iOS in such a way so that it can reach out to more customers.
  • Fast, Intuitive, And Native - An app which will work seamlessly on any platform or device, and it should be truly native and fast.
  • Analytics – You must get valuable insights for your Mobile app by integrating Google for your mobile app.
  • Mobile Search & Sort – You must provide mobile search and sort so that if the app visitor wishes to shop a particular product from your mobile store, then they can explore the power of search within your store app and get the desired product in their cart. That means you need to empower your users to get the most out of your store with the search and sort feature.
  • Social Connect – The app must have a social connection so that the visitors can directly call, email, or drop a message to store merchants on social platforms regarding store or product-related queries.
  • Social Sharing – The app must enable your users to leverage this powerful option simply by allowing them to quickly and effectively promote products in their circles. With this feature, social visibility is maximum which will help you get on the radar of customers and other viewers.
  • Favorites – The app must let the customers select and shortlist their favorite products among all the products on your OpenCart store with the Favorites option.


My Programmers is an online website where you will get a professional expert who will guide you in making a mobile app in the OpenCart store. So drop them a mail to get some tips.


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