Become The Next eCommerce Giant With Shopify

Published 2 years ago
Sell Your Products Effortlessly With Shopify


The success or failure of your online store depends on the platform used for it. In recent years, a lot of platforms have made their appearance, and the list is continuously growing.

Business owners might not have enough technical expertise to choose the best from that list. The purpose of this blog is to educate business owners about the benefits of choosing Shopify for developing an eCommerce site, over others.

But first, let’s take a look at what is Shopify? It is an eCommerce platform that provides flexibility to business owners. Shopify was first introduced to the world, way back in 2004. This platform can be used in tandem with other eCommerce services as well.

Various small and medium scale businesses have used Shopify to accelerate and promote their businesses. Some of the notable names are Tesla, Nestle, Red Bull, etc. Now, why should you use this platform? Here is a list of the top reasons.     

Easy Setup

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Shopify can be set up within minutes. You can see tutorials regarding how to set up the platform by yourself. Or you can ask the experts who provide Shopify Development Service in Australia.

Shopify offers hosting services as well, so you don't buy these services from other providers. If you want to talk about the user interface, then you should know that this platform offers a fantastic user experience to the users. If you are tight on budget and time, you can choose this service provider. 


You can create a stunning website using this software. Shopify has more than 150 themes to offer, and these can be used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the site. Professionals developed the themes, so you don't have to worry about the presentability of the website.

The themes will be responsive and compatible with all platforms. Also, they will be SEO-friendly and can be used to market products across a wider audience. Do you want to boost your company's sales and revenues even further? You can try integrating this platform with apps. A Shopify Development company can cater to this requirement of others.

Yes, Shopify allows business owners to add app integrations to the software too. Apart from that, new plugins, integrations can be added to the interface. So, what’s stopping you? Pick a theme that matches your product and brand image.


This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. eCommerce sites have to deal with a lot of sensitive data. The data can include card details, bank account details, and other financial information.

This means that the site must have unprecedented data security features. Shopify ensures that on your behalf. SSL certificates are used for encrypting sensitive information and handling the data carefully.

The site will comply with all PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Therefore, sites developed using Shopify are not only secure, but they are reliable too.     

Faster Loading Speed             

A reliable site must load within 3-5 seconds, to be specific. If you choose to use Shopify, the speed of your eCommerce site will be faster. All the servers are regularly maintained and updated to increase the speed. Also, it will ensure the site will be available at all times.

Made For Mobile      

Nearly 50% of eCommerce traffic consists of mobile users. These people use mobile phones while making purchases. This means you need to have a site that is mobile responsive. Using the themes from Shopify, you can create a mobile responsive eCommerce site.   

Marketing and SEO

Shopify has a vast arsenal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features that can be used to increase the site's rankings. If your site's ranking is improved, people will be able to check out your website and make a purchase.

There are plenty of analytical tools available on the platform too. Analytics can be used to check how the site is doing in terms of performance metrics. It has various marketing tools also. Some of these facilities are mentioned below:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media integrations 
  • Creation of customized offers (discount and gift offers)

In some cases, you may need help with product marketing. You can try using Shopify Kit to manage marketing-related tasks efficiently.

Payment Options        

It is crucial to have different payment gateways so that you can offer multiple options to customers. Shopify has its payment option, i.e., Stripe.

Customer Support  

If you are having any trouble while using Shopify, you can reach the technical team. They will be able to help you with your queries about it. The team will be available 24/7.

Cost-effective and Time-efficient

Using Shopify will help you save time and money too. Sounds great, isn’t it?

If you want to avail of these benefits, you must contact a Shopify Development agency and schedule an appointment with the experts. Do you want to become the next sensation in eCommerce, then you must try this out.  

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