Android 11 versus iOS 14.2: A comparison of platform features

Published 1 year ago
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Android and iOS are both contenders when it comes to app development. Which one is better? This article sheds light on the unique features of Android 11 and iOS 14.2.  

Recently, both Google and Apple released the latest versions of Android (Android 11), and iOS (iOS 14.2). Each of these versions has some unique features that can be used to create mobile applications. This table will show the gist of these features, and these will be discussed later on.


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First, we will see the new features of iOS 14.2. If you are a user of Android devices, you are familiar with widgets. These were already available on Android devices; however, they had limited functionality. Apple takes this thing one step further; there are widgets for every app. People are allowed to create customized widgets for apps, a feature that is significantly absent in Android. The experts of a mobile application development company will make significant use of this feature while creating mobile apps.  

A relatively new feature in iOS 14.2 is the “picture in picture” feature. This feature allows people to play video, or make video calls, side-by-side with another app. The UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) is redesigned to suit the demands of iPhone users. Apple has taken extra measures to focus on Apple Music by improving the autoplay section.

If you upgrade to iOS 14.2, you can switch between a call (silence a call by swiping), and other apps as per your convenience. Therefore, phone calls are made compact in the latest version of iOS. A new section is created on the Home section where these apps are categorically stored. This section will list those apps that are frequently used (by looking at the time, location, and usage). This version of iOS allows users to set Chrome as a default web browser and also for sending and receiving emails. The search bar is modified to show different apps that are readily accessible.

Apple also improved the emoji search option to a significant extent. You can search the right emoji from the endless list of emojis available on the keyboard. People can add a new keyboard with the latest emojis, where people can search for the desired emoji. The feature of exposure lock is significantly improved too. QuickTake allows people to take videos in the midst of taking photos or selfies.

HomeKit, a tool is used to control smart lighting, and other elements using a single device. Over time, this functionality is fine-tuned to meet the requirements of users' and removing bugs from it. If you are having a serious discussion, and want to pin it down, you can do that in iOS 14. From there, anyone can access these conversations at their convenience.

Android 11 is not far behind, as it has its own set of unique features. Now, let’s see these features one by one. First, let’s consider chat bubbles. When a person receives a text or social media message, he will be notified via a chat bubble. This bubble will float on the mobile screen, and you can easily access the conversation on the go. The person just needs to enable it to get this feature to its fullest extent.

This version of Android will allow you to prioritize conversations in an even better manner. You can prioritize these notifications, as per your convenience. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the important stuff. Android 11 also allows people to control smart devices, lighting from their devices. Another feature of this version offers a unified platform for paying payments.

It also offers the option of media control, and people can find it on the Google Chrome browser. The entire tool is quite large, and it offers easy navigation and usage. Players can see media details (artist details, location, etc.). It can be accessed via quick settings, thus making it easier for people to access these files without wasting any time.

A major update in Android 11 is the permission feature. Now, it was already available, but now it is improved to a considerable degree. Users are permitted to grant app permission for using a device's specifics for a particular period. So, when a person stops using that app, it will no longer have permission to access those files. This is a reiteration of the already existing permissions tab, with better functionality.                        

Screen recording allows people to record and display the elements of their phones. This facility is available under Quick Settings; you have to click on it to use this feature efficiently. Android 11 is designed to support foldable devices, as companies are developing foldable devices.

As it can be seen, both Android 11 and iOS 14.2 have some unique features. Only the experts can decide which one will be the better choice for your first mobile app. So, it is essential to schedule a consultation with the experts. If you are looking for a company that offers web development and mobile app development services, look no further than My Programmers.

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