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Published 1 year ago
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In one of our previous article, the latest trends of app development were discussed. One of those trends was AR (Augmented Reality). In AR, information about real-world objects is augmented using digital data. It is an interaction between real-world objects and the digital world. Some of the popular apps developed using this technology are:

  • Pokemon Go
  • SketchAR
  • Mondly
  • Ingress Prime    
  • Just a Line
  • Ink Hunter
  • BBC Civilisations AR, and many more


Now, you may ask, what is the advantage of investing in AR mobile app development? Well, there are several reasons. People are looking for more information about the products or services you are offering. AR provides an excellent opportunity to do that.

Also, with the help of this technology, you can offer a unique user-experience to your consumers. It also opens up a new arena of interactivity between consumers and businesses.

AR improves visualization to a significant extent. Consumers can change the characteristics of a specific product or image to suit their individualistic needs. This means a lot of opportunities for a company. When you use the latest technology to develop an app, the chance of getting a lot of potential customers is significantly higher.    

If you already have customers, you can retain them with the help of this mindblowing technology. This provides a competitive edge over others, thus improving brand awareness and recognition. It can boost the productivity and profitability of a business organization.

So, you have understood the importance of AR in business and its multiple benefits. Almost all industries can gain a lot by using this technology, some more than others.

Which industries can benefit the most? Let’s take a look. According to the app development companies, retail, interior designing, manufacturing, education and training, travel and tourism, gaming, and fashion industry will be ardent users of this technology.

Now, have a look at how AR can fit each of these sectors. Let's start with interior design. People can see how a particular furniture or lighting fixture will look in a room. Or how the equipment can be placed in the same room for maximum space efficiency. IKEA has already started this venture, and others will shortly follow the route.

Furthermore, these apps can depict which wall color or furniture will be the best. You can maximize your revenues if you publish an AR-based gaming app. Because let’s be honest, everyone, irrespective of their age, loves gaming. You cannot be wrong with that. The proof is the wide popularity of Pokemon Go.

AR can be used for e-learning purposes, and explain the tough subjects in simpler terms. Also, it will ensure better interaction between the students and the educators.

The retail industry is another field where AR apps can do a lot of wonders. Virtual fitting rooms are quite popular, where people can try clothes without wearing them in reality. The same thing can be said about choosing new cars.

It can also be used for creating marketing campaigns too. If you want help with such an app, consult the best mobile app development company in Australia. In manufacturing, AR apps can be used to see the flaws in the design and see how the whole thing goes together.

Travel and tourism apps made with AR can offer a competitive advantage. These apps can be used to dictate routes and provide information about local, national, and international locations.

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The fashion industry has also used this technology successively. An example is Loreal Paris's Style My Hair. New ideas are also emerging, and you can use this popularity to the advantage of your business.

Before deciding on anything, you need to discuss the budget of the app development. It will mainly depend on the number of features, what information you are providing via the app, etc.

Are you looking for a reliable mobile app development company? If so, you can consider My Programmers. Our experts are trained in the latest technologies, and they leverage this knowledge while developing the app.

They have experience in this matter and can handle projects, irrespective of the project's difficulty. We have a team of dedicated developers, designers, and testers, who use resources diligently. We focus on the best app development practices while developing these apps.

Also, we focus on customer satisfaction and communication. We communicate with the clients during the entire app development procedure. We don't proceed until and unless we have got the confirmation from our client. After developing a rough model, we seek client feedback.

If the client is satisfied, we make the app suitable for publishing. Or, if he needs some moderation, he can discuss it. After making the moderations, the app is published. We offer the beta testing facility to see the potential of the app. You can check our portfolio if you need a better way to understand our expertise. We are here to help you with your app requirement. 


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