A detailed guide on user experience optimization: App development 101

Published 1 year ago
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An app must offer a stunning user experience to be successful and get millions of downloads. Why must you focus on optimizing it? Learn here.

Mobile app development is a booming industry, as businesses need apps for various reasons. Apps can create brand identity, help companies reach international audiences and sell products to those people. 

Needless to say that apps can boost a company's profits, sales, and revenues. In most cases, an app can boost the overall productivity and morale of a business. Among mobile apps, Android apps are the most widely used due to its huge market share. 

These apps can be installed on various devices, compared to their iOS counterparts. People prefer Android because they are easier to use and install. According to the experts of an Android app development company in Australia, these are easier to develop. 

Also, developers can manipulate the code to fit a device's firmware (memory). The entry barrier in this market is low, and you can play around with numerous app ideas. People also think that Android applications are easier to optimize, especially for social media (SMO). 

Yes, these can be optimized for app stores too. The cost of Android app development depends on various factors. Android is an open-source platform, and the cost of publishing an app on Google Play Store is $25. Also, the cost of a project may vary according to the complexity of the idea.  

What do you need to make an app successful? A stunning user interface (UI) offers the best user experience (UX) to its customers. How to optimize an app's user experience for the best performance? 

When we first launch an app, what do we see? Of course, we see the app's design, how the app is looking on your device, the themes, fonts, etc. The second thing we see is the app content, or what does an app have to offer.

If people don’t see unique or relevant content, they will not download the app. It's as simple as that and will choose another, possibly better option.  

Aside from the material, users also check how the content is being offered. For better results, the information can be provided in the form of splash screens, push notifications, tips, etc. 

The purpose of doing this is not to make your users wait and encourage them to buy your company’s products and services at the earliest. According to the app development company, user experience is all about navigation. 

If you have any secondary content to show to your users, you need to offer the best navigation experience. People should be able to visit different sections from the homepage without having any problems. 

While using your app, people must have easy sign-in and sign-up experience. Both these will help them complete their tasks efficiently, which is what a user will need. Another thing you should consider while optimizing user experience, you must be careful about app permissions. 

People don't want to go through a long list of permissions and grant access to all their data. So, ask permission only for the data you will need. An app must allow people to have easy access to the information at the click of a button.

This will prompt them to make decisions (purchase decisions) depending on what information they are seeing. Also, they will see if the app is secure or not before taking any action. Better user experience will increase an app's conversion rate to quite some extent.               

Moreover, mobile application development should consist of facilitation for users to sign-in on multiple devices without jeopardizing their information security.

Suppose your app contains multiple sections, and people should be able to access them effortlessly. Developers of an android development company usually divide the entire process into four subdivisions; basket, personal details, payment, and finally, the confirmation stage.  

When we use payment apps, we are given a notification or reassurance message. This is what you should also provide on your app to your customers. You need to offer excellent self-service features (notification, widget, and content), etc. which will result in better user experience. 

When you optimize the user experience, you will increase your company's profits to a significant extent. Excellent user experience will engage your customers and stay loyal to the app. So, improved customer loyalty will be achieved.

Different methods are used to design the user experience. Some of these measures are: 

1. User personas- At first, developers will try to know your app's audience and create a persona for it.

2. User Interviews- Customers are interviewed to learn about their insights and opinions. In these interviews, developers study and interact with customers.     

3. Job stories- A short, simple description of the app is created by taking the user’s opinion into account.    

4. Functionality map- This is the next step to the job story, where a functionality map is created for the pages to be developed.

5. Wireframing- Developers come up with wireframes (skeletal structure) to have a better visualization of the final product. Without these wireframes, you may encounter usability issues and considerably increase the development time.     

6. Prototyping- This is the penultimate stage of user experience development. A mockup version will be created and tested before the launch. Doing this will save you time and money in the long run.

7. Usability testing- As the name suggests, this is done to see how a product is working in a particular environment.

So, you have understood the importance of focusing on an app’s user experience. If you are looking for a company that deals with all these concepts, I will strongly suggest My Programmers. 

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