A definitive comparison of Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

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In the initial years the mobile app market was dominated by Android and iOS apps. Recently, new app categories have been introduced in the market, namely hybrid and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Both these apps are becoming increasingly popular and can meet the requirements of a specific business. However, the right category must be chosen if anyone wants to get the best results. But to do that, one should understand the preliminary differences between the two, and this blog will discuss those points.

First, we will have a look at hybrid apps. These are the ones that offer the features of both web and native apps. Developers with extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can develop user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing hybrid apps for business.  

What are the pros of these apps? 

  • These apps can be launched on all the existing app stores, including Google Play Store, Apple Store, and the Windows Store.

  • The code will be written only once, and it will be used everywhere. Therefore, it's the best for businesses with a vast consumer base or targeting many app users.

  • If needed, new features can be added easily to the original codebase of a hybrid app. 

  • Developers can include native APIs to use some user's device (Camera, GPS, and so on).

  • These apps are easier to integrate and maintain compared to the native ones.

  • Hybrid apps can be developed within a short time and a tight budget.

  • These apps usually have the best UI (User Interface)

If the project requirement is not complex, or the app does not contain many features, hybrid apps would be the ideal choice. Also, these applications are not exactly problem-free. These apps may not work perfectly in an offline mode or with limited internet connectivity. Users may encounter some problems while using these apps because they contain a single codebase. This code may not be able to use the features of some devices efficiently.  

Examples : 


Gmail will not work in offline mode, but people can open previously read emails for some time. Gmail has an amazing UI that will work on every device, whether Android, iOS, or a web-based platform. 


If the user is offline, he or she cannot upload images or videos that are true. Neither can people check if anyone has reacted to uploads. But, they can see the images that are already seen or accessed earlier. Instagram also has a unique UI that catches the attention of the users.       

If a business requires an app that offers maximum performance, maybe it's best to choose either an Android or iOS app development approach. So, by now, the reader must have understood the concept of hybrid apps. 

Now, we will discuss Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These apps run on web browsers, but they offer the same performance as the native ones. PWAs can be downloaded in a device, and a user can use these apps offline. Users will receive push notifications when they use these apps on their devices. So what are the pros of these applications? 

  • PWAs can work offline, unlike hybrid ones 

  • Users can run these applications on different platforms 

  • These applications are easier to develop, just like the hybrid ones 

  • These are responsive, even more than their counterparts.   

  • It's quite easy to interact with these apps and navigate through them.

  • Users don't have to go through a lengthy installation process.

Of course, there are some cons associated with these apps. First of all, PWAs cannot perform well on iOS devices, as these might be restricted by device features. Users cannot find these applications in stores, and this can act as a marketing barrier. Lastly, these apps may consume a lot of power. PWAs make sense, if: 

  • A business needs an app that performs like a native app. 

  • A company wants to target a huge customer base.

  • These go best with eCommerce businesses.   

Examples :


Uber is a PWA, and it is available on older devices. Users can get push notifications after using this application.    


This is the world’s most popular dating app, and it is a PWA. Here, users may get some additional features in this application, rather than its native ones.   


This PWA can allow people to check news, stories, and visual content, wherever they are located.   

Depending on the client's requirement, developers might choose an approach out of these two. However, hybrid apps win by a landslide, especially when it comes to integration, upgradation, and maintenance. However, if there's still any confusion among the readers, they must consult experienced developers as soon as possible. My Programmers, an Affordable Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in Australia, employs experienced developers and designers to create hybrid apps for business.

Why must people choose My Programmers? 

It is one of the topmost mobile app development companies in Australia.

This company has created several hybrid applications for its previous clients. These apps offer the best UI (UX) and optimal functionality.

After creating these applications, developers will test them multiple times to see if anything is wrong with them or not.  

My Programmers uses a customer-centric approach to create applications that can be monetized. The tasks are given to people with the right expertise and experience, no one else.   

These experts don't just stop at creating these applications; they also devise marketing strategies to achieve maximum ROI (Return of Investment). 

App developers of this company understand that every company needs unique products so that they will develop customized solutions for a business.

The company has a reputation to uphold; it has never delivered a project past its deadlines. Also, the executives never promise something the company cannot or would not deliver. This is one of the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of My Programmers.  

This company believes in offering after-sales support to customers if anything goes awry.

Lastly, this company offers solutions at affordable prices, so people don't have to worry about burning a hole in their pockets. 

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