7 reasons why Magento is the best eCommerce web app development platform

Published 1 year ago


If a business wants to establish itself as an eCommerce brand, it must have a stellar website or web app. Which platform would be the best one to create these applications? Magento, of course.

If you want to create an eCommerce store, you would need to choose the right platform. Of course, millions of eCommerce development platforms are there, but Magento is different from all the others. Experts believe that having a web app for an eCommerce store can be beneficial for a company. It helps an organization to tap into both these markets and earn potential revenues from them.

A web app can be installed and accessed on any device, and it is pretty easy to download. According to a study, this application can boost the sales figure of m-commerce channels. Also, it can increase a company's reputation and brand awareness significantly. 

If you want to achieve all these benefits, you need to have a Magento-based web app. And here are the seven reasons for choosing this platform over anything else. 


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1. Open-source and customizable        

Magento is an open-source platform, free-to-use, and can be used to create customized websites and apps. Using this platform, developers of a top Magento development company can create and promote a business-related web app. 

These experts can use numerous themes, modules, extensions, and other features for this purpose. When it comes to customization, nothing can top Magento.

2. Mobile-responsive       

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone, especially to search and order products online. This is why an eCommerce web app can be beneficial for a business owner, as it can run on any device. Together with HTML5, Magento can offer a unique shopping experience to shoppers. Developers can also use Magento to develop eCommerce websites for a specific business. 

3. Multilingual support      

Magento offers multilingual support so that businesses can reach audiences across the globe. The content and banners can be converted into any of the languages supported by the platform. Hence, people can search for the required products and make the purchase easily.

4. One-step checkout 

Do you want to go through multiple steps while checking out from the web application? Obviously not, nobody does, as it is quite problematic and hectic. Magento understands that and offers the feature of one-step checkout. With only one click, people can pay for their products and go through all the shipping information. 

Do you know what’s even better? People can check out from the web app as a guest without even creating an account. This considerably makes the experience better, and people will praise the web app for this reason. 

5. Better customer experience      

Web apps made with this platform offer the best user experience. The navigation is simple and easy to comprehend. This means fewer bounce rates, which is a big factor for eCommerce applications. 

Second, the quick search option allows people to search for the required product quickly without scanning many product pages. Similarly, the concept of rapid search can be used to draw in more customers. 

If a business wants to sell multiple items, it may need to use a catalog management system. This system allows companies to manage their inventories and keep the order processing system afloat. This is why Magento is the best choice when it comes to managing more than one product page.

Magento-based web apps will be automatically synchronized whenever a product is added to the list. This will ensure that people don’t have to compromise when they are searching for a specific product. 

6. SEO-friendly and fast-loading  

Magento comes with all the tools to make an SEO-friendly web app. The web app will be visible to the right community while searching for a specific term. These web applications will offer the best in terms of loading speed, performance, and other metrics. 

If the application is properly optimized, it can load at a much faster rate. This is good news for a business, as an SEO-optimized application can bring in more revenues and profits.

7. Security 

Security is a massive element for any eCommerce application, be it a website or a web app. It is always crucial to create an application that does not fall prey to scams, online hacks, and issues. Magento takes care of this element and adds an SSL certificate to any application. 

Also, it uses a two-step authentication process to protect the application from security issues. Apart from that, these web apps must comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Therefore, people won't have to worry about the loss of information while using these applications. 

Magento is an extremely customizable and flexible platform, which is why most developers prefer it over others. It is also quite affordable, even if you have to pay for some extensions and plug-ins. This tool also comes with support for analytics and tracking systems. 

Magento can be integrated with other platforms to enhance its performance and other characteristics. The integration will be seamless, and the overall performance will be robust. 

This tool can be used to evaluate how a particular application is performing and if it is successful in drawing more customers. The tool can also showcase the weak areas so that companies can make the right decisions. If this framework is chosen, a company is guaranteed to make profits and revenues with their eCommerce web app or website.

This framework can be used to target and segment customers and create an appropriate marketing plan to reach them. This is another benefit that Magento offers to online customers. But wait, there’s more. 

Magento constantly updates itself and allows business owners to incorporate the updated version in their applications. Lastly, no other eCommerce platform has such a massive online community as Magento.

Here, you will get tons of references, documentation, and other articles to help both business owners and developers. So, these are reasons for choosing this platform. 

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