5 Strategies To Encourage Customers To Download Your Mobile App

Published 4 months ago


After getting an app, you need to get the word out. You need maximum downloads. But how can you ensure that? We have provided tips in this blog.


You have hired an app development agency to create an app for your business. Yay, the hard part is over, or is it? Businesses agree that getting people to download the app is the hardest thing to do.

That's why we have created a to-do list that will guarantee more app downloads. So without wasting any more time, let's get started.



Don't Ignore App Design :


The app's design plays a crucial role in attracting audience engagement. The app must have a well-defined icon or logo (resembling what the app is all about). It can have a tagline associated with it too. The design must appeal to customers; it must not be too crowded or lackluster. The app must utilize the whitespace properly, and people should recognize the significance of the design. 

However, the app's icon creates a first impression on the audience. So, put maximum focus on this factor.


Don't Ignore App Store Optimization (ASO) :


App Store Optimization is the equivalent of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is done for websites. According to an app development company in Australia, the purpose is the same, and the rules are somewhat similar. Only SEO focuses on increasing the website's visibility on the SERP results page, while ASO focuses on increasing visibility on the Google Play Store. The app must have relevant keywords in the description and the title. The title must be compelling, enticing, and so must be the description. These keywords must be well researched, optimized. Using tools like Google's keyword tool is recommended. It will bring your app in the search results when people type in their particular query.

A business can use such tools even before designing the app. It will provide insights on the popular search queries, thus helping the business make an informed decision. The app must be submitted under the right category while being published on the Google Play Store. The app's overall functionality and speed will affect app downloads. As a business, you need to showcase how many people have downloaded the app to boost confidence, among others. 

But this alone would not be sufficient, as per the opinion of mobile app developers. The company should create a suitable marketing plan based on the audience's location. If a business is looking for international expansion, then the best idea would be to translate. Offer translated content to people who speak different languages.

Try to engage with people via the app to offer them an unforgettable experience. This will prevent people from uninstalling the application. Providing social proof is another way to garner support for the app. Or, screenshots and images can be the best way to go. Always try to gain reviews (positive ones) from app users. If they are giving you a negative one, try to understand their standpoint and rectify it.


Promote On Websites And Blogs :


Do you have a website or a blog? Do you have enough readers and backlinks? Then you can announce the news of your app on these platforms. Your loyal customer base will turn to your app, driving in more downloads. You can place one or more demo videos on the website. This can help out those who cannot understand the rationale behind the app even after going through the description. Or, you can provide some troubleshooting videos for your app too. 

You can also publish this news on other networks, too, to get some backlinks and app downloads simultaneously.


Social Media Promotion :


Social media is a powerful promotional tool, and we have seen enough proof of that. But, you need to choose the right social media to begin with. 

If you have a youth-centric, professional app, maybe try Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Depending on the niche, the target audience can be on Twitter, Reddit, or even YouTube. You can try the option of influencer marketing to promote your app. For the "N" number of downloads, you can pay a cut to the influencer. 

You can also arrange giveaways for a limited time. Incentivizing something simple as downloading an app can prove to be a wonderful idea. Similarly, you can run sponsored ads and campaigns over there.


Email And In-App Promotion :


If you decide to go old school and still get sufficient results, an email marketing list is your best buddy. You can send newsletters to everyone on your list and tell them about the launch of your app. 

You can also choose the option of mobile communication. This means SMS marketing or sending in-app notifications to users. Those can be about app upgrades, or special features, offers, discounts, etc. You can also ask them to refer the app to someone, share it, etc.


But before all that, you need to get an app. Therefore, you need to hire app development services for this purpose. If you want someone to power your app idea, My Programmers will be your partner.


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