Android App Development Company in Australia

At My Programmers, we develop artistic and versatile Android apps that provide your user with an aesthetically pleasing and engaging experience. Our app developers are trained to cater to each and every android device, irrespective of their screen size and resolutions. We provide you the best apps to drive the sales and growth of your business. Our services are intrinsically customer-oriented, your given requirements serve as the building blocks of the apps. As our client, you will be guided through the whole process from the initial planning to the deployment of your app in the Google Play Store. At the best cost available in the market, you can develop your own customized app.

Benefits of Developing an Android App

  • Open-source Code
  • Can Work on Multiple Platforms
  • Large user base 
  • High Monetization Potential

Services Provided by Us

Customized Apps for Smartphones

We expertise in developing Android web applications ranging from simple messaging service to high-quality e-commerce shops. We will help you develop apps pertaining to healthcare, education, marketing, and advertisements. Furthermore, our services are designed to integrate the general features that are compatible with Android operating platforms, including the utilization of functions like GPS, phone address book, camera and much more.

Customized Apps for Tablets

We custom build apps for the larger dimensions of Android Tablets. These apps are developed to feature high-quality resolutions and graphics to maximize customer satisfaction. Our Android App developers can construct cross-device apps that you can run both on smaller screen smartphones as well as large tablets.

Android Gear App Development

Our Android Web Developers are experienced in developed android based Smart wear. Our apps are designed to utilize inbuilt sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to increase the lifestyle and healthcare options available to you. Our services include apps built for tracking your heartbeat, measuring your footsteps. navigation through Google Maps and much more.

Smart TV Apps

Want to make apps that function on Smart Televisions? Look no further. Our team of developers will develop an app that can run seamlessly on all android Based Smart TVs. We transform your high-quality television screens from just a media streaming device into a smart accessory.

IOT App Development

We are experienced in IOT that can take your app a step further by integrating and facilitating the exchange of data among many connected devices.

Key Strengths

  • Experienced team of developers appointed exclusively based on your app requirements.
  • Regular updates regarding design and development of the app through skype and email.
  • Prompt delivery of your apps within the deadline.
  • Agile developmental methodologies

Technical skills

  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
  • Developmental tools: Android SDK, Android Studio, XML
  • Database knowledge: SQLite, NoSQL, Firebase
  • Designing software: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch

Experience and Education

  • A minimum of 2-8 years of experience with the Android Operating system.
  • Bachelor and Masters in Computer Science, Computer Application or other IT related fields.
  • Strong portfolio of Android applications with client reviews
  • At least one app successfully put in the Google play store

Client Testimonials

Why You Should Work With Us

Business - Centric Development:

Our developers are trained to offer you comprehensive business-centric products. We keep in mind both the functional as well as the monetization aspect of the product. From the logical backend provisions to the smooth and user-friendly UI, the apps are conceived, keeping in mind the utmost functionality.

Quality Assurance:

Our engineers go through multiple rounds of testing to detect and fix any software flaws or bugs before final delivery. These quality tests are done both manually and through automated technology. Our checks make sure there are no issues in the security and performance of your software.

Timely service:

Delivering a product within the due date is one of our foremost priorities. Our technical team provides you with a rough timeline as well as daily updates to prevent delays in the developmental process. We further provide weekly updates regarding the stages of development that have been completed.

Assured ROI:

Our process management gives you predictable information regarding the ROI so you can plan the successful launch of the product in the play stores. We also offer strategic consultations and recommendations for each and every product developed by us.

Low attribution rate:

Our employees have the reputation of completing years of tenure, thus reducing the chance of a critical developer leaving during the ongoing project. We guarantee the seamless development of your project by keeping the same software architects throughout your project development.


Our dedicated engineers work to build even the littlest aspect of your products according to your stated requirements. We pride ourselves in constructing websites and web apps that function as close to the original description offered by our client. From the features to the design, we value your input at every stage of development.

After-Sales Service:

We do not believe in concluding our relation with our customers the moment the product is delivered. We offer continual support through our support team to fix and maintain your product. Furthermore, we provide constant updates to ensure the consistent improvement of the websites and web applications.

Certified Developers:

Our team of developers has years of experience in developing websites and web applications. As one of the preeminent web development companies In Australia, our engineers are familiar with the guidelines and limitations of the majority of Operating systems.  We assign our engineers keeping in mind the exact requirement of your project, giving you the full authority over the work activities. 

Transparent Communication:

We pride ourselves in thorough transparency to our client from the very first step of development. Our technical team will update you throughout all the developmental processes, including the designing, coding, and integration of the latest technologies, to make sure you are never out of the loop. We can be reached various channels of external and internal communications for updates regarding design, codes, and meetings.